Gor Gor’s progress at Nursery Class to September 2009 Part 1

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Teacher’s comment on his progress:
Practical Life
Is an area to which the child learns skills for daily practical living. Without much verbal
explanations, the child observes the well-defined and calculated movements and catches on with accurate imitation.
Vincent is still enjoying himself working in this area. He is working with spooning
beans, transferring, pouring water, threading beads and matching socks and Hells.
These materials are indirect preparation for reading and writing. It also aims to
develop independence, confidence, concentration, fine motor skills, coordination
of movements and sense of orderliness and a care for self and the environment. He
is able to complete his work cycle but there have been instances when he is not
working the proper way. We will have to remind him to do the correct things. He has
begun snipping lines in a strip of paper. He is able to handle the scissors in the
correct manner.

For Art and Craft activity the children made their own clocks from a paper plate that
they had painted. For Teachers’ Day they traced their names on a greeting card
and made Paper Windmill origami. For cookery, in relation to our theme “Around the World” the children prepared Hawaiian Pizza. This is the food of the North American people. They made toasty apple pie and katsudon/tunkatsu for “Japan” theme.

Materials are designed to sharpen the senses of the young child and enable the child to
understand the many impressions he receives through them.
This term Vincent did the secondary colours. He mixed primary coloured water
where He experienced and discovered how secondary colours were formed. He
seems to have a better understanding on secondary colours now. From this we
progressed to work on the Color Box 2. Here He matched tablets of the same color
and identified them by name. With Colour box 3, He has learnt to grade the colors
from darkest to lightest. This material helps him to refine the chromatic sense.
Besides colours Vincent was shown the “Touch Tablet” where He had to identify the
difference between rough and smooth. To stimulate the olfactory sense the Smell
Bottles was then presented.
To prepare him for later work in geometry and to stimulate his interest in shapes
Vincent was encouraged to work with the Constructive Triangles. Here He gets to
explore ways in which rectilinear triangles can be constructed from the triangles and
give practical experiences in two- dimensional geometry. Vincent loves working
with the Tessellations and Geometric Solids. He is able to identify and name some of
the solids and learnt to differentiate prisms, pyramids, cube, cylinder, ovoid, ellipsoid
and sphere.
The children learns the oral language naturally, he automatically takes it from his environment.
Vincent has mastered all the letter sounds and has begun building and blending 3
letter phonetic words with the Large Movable Alphabet (LMA). He is also working on
the Pictures and Name Cards. This material gives him practice in reading and
building vocabulary skills by matching the words to the correct pictures.
Vincent is still working on Insets for Design. This material will help him develop his fine
motor skills in writing. He is able to trace his name. We have started him on coloring
as this would give him exercise on muscle control.
Exercises on this area are not only to teach the child to calculate, but they provide a deep
understanding of how numbers function.
Vincent has learnt the concept of odd and even numbers using the Cards and
Counters material. We have started on Short Beads Stairs and the Seguin Board A
working on numbers 11 to 19. He has touched on the Names of the Power of Ten like
1’s, 10’s, 100’s and 1000 which will help him count from 1 to 100.

This is designed to enhance the child’s creativity and symbolic capacities and to deepen her
curiosity about the world.

This 3rd quarter, the children learnt the 7 continents and I introduced some flags and famous places. They classified the objects into living and non-living things. Telling

time by the hour and half-hour were also taught.


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