Gulou of Beijing

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Inside the Gulou, there is a grand display of drums of different sizes. Our tourist guide is this young lady standing at the right hand side of the photo.
A close up view of the drums

Every one hour there will be a drum performance, the performers hit the drums with such great power, precise movements and passion. It is worth watching it.

There is a mini exhibition of the time-meter in Ancient China

Ancient Clock the “Bronze Kelou” which was used to measure time as early as the Song Dynasty.

Once we went out of Gulou, our tourist guide told us that in future if we have more time in Beijing, we should also try the century old eating places 百年老店 around the area. She told us that the food prices 很便宜 are not expensive and also 很好吃 delicious. We don’t have the time to try out so we took the pictures of the shops hopefully in future we can come back and try the food. If you have a chance to try the eating places below do drop us an email and share your food adventure with us.

To be continued …


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