Happy Birthday 2 Years old

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Mummy says:

At 2 years old, Gor Gor is able to count to 20, knows his ABCs and he is capable of stringing the words together to form sentences and because he knows too many words. He can be pretty demanding, he knows what he wants and will ask for it persistently. We bought him a Ferrari car set and Barney soft toy. He loves the car set and would play for many hours. Now that he knew the cars and the models of the car, it is very interesting to hear him point out to the car and the brand of it for example, Taxi Mercedes, Car BMW or Car Lexus.
He knows Barney from the videos that he has been watching and when we knew that Marina Square has Barney shows, we decided to bring him there. It was so crowded and when Barney appeared, he was like some superstar. Parents and children were clapping and cheering. 
Gor Gor loves to sing songs, dance and do all kinds of actions. He can sing along to ABC songs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday, London Bridge is Falling Down, Row, Row Your Boat and so on. Those songs that he has not heard of, he will also attempt to sing along when he hears them on TV and radio.
We happened to watch a documentary that showed this little boy who started playing piano when he was two. When Gor Gor saw the show, he went to bring out his toy piano and stool. He sat on it and imitate the boy playing piano. Hee hee … we were so amused. I played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on his toy piano for him to see, he is so interested that he would sit with me and attempt to play the piano. I really like this kind of feeling and enjoy bonding with him.


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