Happy Birthday Celebration at eXplorerkid

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Gor Gor is invited to Coen’s birthday party later in the afternoon but along with Di Di, their adventure starts much earlier. Before the party starts in the afternoon, Gor Gor and Di Di spend time hanging out at several places together; experiencing fun-filled brotherly morning mini-adventures.

First stop: Ikea Tampines.


Di Di having fun on the rocking horse. “Yip pee, move up and down!”

“Hello everyone!” “Wave at those nice people, bear.”

“Let’s see how fast we can bring the trolley to Mummy! Hold on tight!”

After sharing some laughs and playing at Ikea, the brotherly adventure continues at Changi Airport.


The boys are sharing a joke, but I wonder what are they laughing about?”


The boys are both intrigued by the giant  Christina Moller’s Daisy fan and it can be found at Changi Airport Terminal 3.

“Everyone look! Giant fan and it seems to follow me.”


“Gor Gor, quick look, the fan is moving like this.”

And the adventure continues with the main event: it is time to go to Coen’s birthday party. It is held at eXplorerkid @ Downtown East which is the flagship outlet (sounds like the boys are going to have some more fun!).


This is my friend, Coen.

Coen is Gor Gor’s kindergarten friend. It is really good that Gor Gor’s kindergarten families and friends make an effort to keep in touch with one another even though they have moved on to different primary schools. 


Mega play: lots of slides, tunnels and  lots of  fun for everyone!


Enter the “Cave” only if you are ready for adventure.

“Lit Ball Pool” is a ball pit that emits a series of colours that look really cool!


Gor Gor having a ball of his time with his friends as the colours change and hee hee … all of his friends remain the same.

All the above play area are suitable for children age 4 and up.

How about Di Di who is below 3 years old? What can children of his age do?


Soft ball area which is safe for toddlers to play. Di Di also has a ball time playing with all the colourful balls.


Di Di went to “The Cocoon”. A safe area that is filled with cushion obstacles for him to climb, crawl and explore around.


“What is that?” Then Di Di saw something …


“Di Di where are you going?” Mummy hurries behind him.


“Hee hee” giggles Di Di, happily prompting Mummy to follow him closely.


Di Di walks towards a wooden plank but what is Di Di trying to do?

Can you guess?


Di Di hides behind the wooden plank thinking that Mummy can’t see him.


So that is what Di Di is up to! A good old fashioned game of  “Hide and Seek” with Mummy.

Mummy and Daddy are getting on with the brotherly adventure and are so amused with Di Di.

The party has started and children who are attending Coen’s birthday party are all called into the room.


This is Coen, the birthday boy. eXplorerkid‘s friendly and lively lady party co-ordinator conducts games for the children to play and keep them entertained.

After some games, all the children settled down to eat before going outside for more games.


Di Di is also invited to join Gor Gor and his friends at the main table. The children are having a great time eating and mingling with their friends.


After eating, the children are assembled outside the birthday room to a larger area to play games.


What is the party co-ordinator whispering to Gor Gor? Hmm … wonder what games are they planning?


After playing, the children are called back to the room to get ready for the birthday cake.

What a beautiful birthday cake! The children gathered around to sing Happy birthday to Coen.


“Happy Birthday, Coen!” “I like Gor Gor and his friends. They are all so nice to me. Gor Gor’s friends’ parents are also very sweet to me. Thank you everyone: parents and friends 🙂


Gor Gor gets a goody bag and a balloon sword. Thank you Coen!


After the party, the children still don’t want the party to end. They hang around playing with one another. The parents too as they linger around to catch up with one another.

This is our first time to eXplorerkid @ Downtown East, the kids enjoy themselves very much. The place is spacious with lots of play stations for children under 12 years old. Please click here for more information.

It is also a good place to hold birthday parties, please click here to find out more about the various packages available.

An important thing to take note when visiting eXplorerkid, please remember to bring your socks and it must be worn at all time inside the playground. This applies to both adults and kids.

Here we would like to thank Coen and his family for inviting us to his birthday party. We have a wonderful time. Thank you!



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