Happy Birthday Charisee and birthday programs part 1 at Adventure Cove Waterpark

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We were invited to Charisee’s birthday. She is Gor Gor’s dear friend from Kindergarten. Last year, Charisee had her birthday at Sentosa, Port of the Lost Wonder. This year, her birthday will be at Adventure Cove Waterpark and S.E.A. Aquarium, Sentosa. It was a whole day event which started at 10am. 


We were at the entrance of Adventure Cove Waterpark.


Charisee’s birthday party was held at the 2nd level of Bay Restaurant at Adventure Cover Waterpark. On our way up, Charisee was asking Gor Gor to quickly join them at the waterpark. Gor Gor proceed to change into his swim wear to join his friends and explore around the park. 

How about Di Di? He is too young to play with waters. Charisee’s parents are very kind, they had hired party entertainers to keep the children occupied.


Di Di was busy playing with his balloon gun.


Plenty of ice cream and drinks for everyone. 


Di Di decided to observe Gor Gor as he went around to play at the waterpark under our supervision.


Please remember to put on your life jacket when you go into the waters and for swimming. 


This is called the Seahorse Hideaway station. Gor Gor enjoying taking a dip here. Each station at the waterpark will have lifeguards to keep a watchful eyes.

Children under 122cm in height must be accompanied by a supervising companion. There are 11 cabanas in Seahorse Hideaway for complimentary use.




This is Big Bucket Tree House where you can have a splashing good time with bucket of waters pouring down at random. 

Children under 122cm in height must be accompanied by a supervising companion.


Gor Gor’s favorite, the BluWater Bay. 

Children under 122cm in height must be accompanied by a supervising companion.


At the bay, there are artificial tidal waves at regular interval. Gor Gor gave a thumb up, he really like this place.

It’s time for Gor Gor to get ready to go back to the restaurant to celebrate Charisee’s birthday. He will show us around before we head back to the restaurant.


This is dueling racer where you get a racer mat and take your partner on a dueling high-speed plunge to the finish line. 

Minimum height requirement is 107cm and children under 122cm in height must be accompanied by a supervising companion.


Whirlpool washout is also exciting as according to its website, you will power through revolutions, twists, turns and dips before spilling out into an open cool splash pool.

Minimum height requirement is 122cm.



This is so cool! You can take a tube and have a nice ride down the Adventure River floating through 14 stunning habitats including a lush jungle garden, a mysterious grotto and an underwater tunnel with a sea of marine life swimming around you.

Children under 122cm in height must be accompanied by a supervising companion and the Adventure Cove Waterpark admission ticket will entitle you to this experience.


Gor Gor likes Adventure Cove Waterpark very much and he keeps asking us to bring him back. We will definitely come back again!

Please click HERE to go to Part 2 of Birthday celebration at Adventure Cove Waterpark. 

For more information about Adventure Cove Waterpark, please click HERE. It is open from Mondays to Sundays from 10am to 6pm. Do note that operating hours are subject to change and please do check www.rwsentosa.com for the latest updates.





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