Happy Birthday Charisse!

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July 29 is a hot day!
I don’t mean the weather hot although it has been really hot for the past few days. Gor Gor received 3 invitation all on the same day and at same time. It is a pity that we can’t go for all three of them, our apologies!
We received Charisse’s birthday invitation to Sentosa Port of the Lost Wonder. She is such a sweet girl and a dear friend from Gor Gor’s kindergarten.
Upon arriving at Sentosa, Gor Gor is all excited to attend Charisse’s birthday. He is looking forward to see the birthday girl and his friends from kindergarten. The birthday event was held at Port of the Lost wonder which is Singapore’s first kids’ club by the beach.
Gor Gor arriving at the birthday venue
The birthday venue is beautifully decorated.
Gor Gor greeting and talking to our lovely birthday girl’s mother
Gor Gor has changed into his swim gear, can’t wait to get wet!
Gor Gor playing with the giant water gun
Here comes Di Di who has also changed into his swim suit
Look at all the water splashing everywhere!!
Oh dear, Di Di started crying … Mommy quickly went to carry  him. Di Di may not be used to the idea of water splashing all over him. After a while, he is okay.
In the meantime, Gor Gor is having fun playing with water and with his friends.
The children will all call back to the birthday venue to watch the performance.
The magician is Mr Bottle
Mr Bottle inviting our birthday girl up to perform magic with him.
Look at the children, they enjoyed watching the performance. Even the adults were having fun watching the show. Can you spot Gor Gor and Di Di among the children?
A closer look
There they are! While the children were watching the show, most of the parents were busy watching and taking pictures of their kids.
Cake cutting time, look at the beautiful birthday cake!
All the children gathering around to sing Happy Birthday
The birthday girl smiling sweetly at the camera. Happy Birthday Charisse!
Gor Gor and Di Di dancing happily when they heard music
The children were informed to go for the bubble party.
This is the bubble party also known as foam pool. The children were lining up to go into the pool.
Gor Gor having fun

Di Di can’t join Gor Gor into the pool as he is too small. He is contended having Mummy to carry him to observe what Gor Gor is doing.

Other highlights of the party:

Mr Bottle did a machine gun balloon for Gor Gor

The lady balloon sculptor did a sword balloon. She asked Gor Gor when is his birthday and such a coincidence, they both have the same birthday date!!
Some of Gor Gor’s favourite water play:

He has been running in and out of this tunnel

The Pirate Ship with water guns and slides
Gor Gor has been going up and down the slides many times too
Gor Gor with Mr Bottle
Important thing to take note if you go to Port of the Lost Wonder, you would need to wear suitable swim wear and swimming diapers for small children, no footwear is allowed within the swim area, water play area is suitable for children age 3 to 10 and most importantly, apply sunblock if the weather is bright and sunny to protect against harmful UV rays.
Happy 7th Birthday Charisse! May you have many happy returns! Thank you for inviting us to your birthday party!

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