Happy Six Months Old

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Hooray, I am six months old today !
At this stage, I am very active, I like to crawl around, grab hold of anything this is within my sight and taste them. My family has to keep a watchful eye on me. Now I can hold objects, shake them, attempt to pull the drawers’ handlers and even tried to untie the ribbons on my mummy’s blouse. Hee hee …
When I hear voices or noises, I will turn to the direction, I am a curious baby. I am interested in things that are around me, I love to play and cannot keep still. My family said I am full of energy.
The best part about reaching six months, I can have my first taste of solid food, I am going to have one tablespoonful of brown rice cereals. Yum yum …
I am looking forward to eat real solid food yesterday my parents went to a Chinese restaurant for tim sum after church. I wish I could eat the food, I was so naughty that I overturned a bowl of spicy dumplings on the table. Oops, sorry. I know my parents won’t be angry as I am still a baby, phew!!
The day before, my parents went to a close friend’s baby shower and my parents’ friends there were telling my parents, “your baby is so big!” and what did my parents do? My weight is like a one year old. Hee hee …
I can hold the milk bottle on my own now. Today I am six months old, I have to start on a new can of milk powder especially formulated for babies six months and above, wow, new taste, yummy …

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