Healthy food bowl concept bamboo bowls has opened its fourth outlet at Marina Bay Link Mall 

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bamboo bowls which focuses on offering healthy food options, has launched its fourth outlet at Marina Bay Link Mall. This new establishment is strategically situated in the bustling Central Business District, catering to a diverse clientele including food enthusiasts, busy professionals, and health-conscious individuals. The outlet is designed to provide bamboo bowls’ signature tech-enabled experience while dishing out its selection of Asian-forward, chef-curated food bowls.

Diners can anticipate not only the delightful selection of food bowls but also a coffee bar serving a variety of beverages. Additionally, a retail section is available, offering an array of signature condiments. Bamboo bowls made their culinary debut in March 2022, with their first outlet at Far East Square. Their primary aim has been to revolutionise healthy dining by making delectable, chef-crafted meals easily accessible to everyone. Following this success, a subsequent outlet was launched in March 2023 at Plaza 8 @ Changi Business Park.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to sustainability and flavour, each meticulously curated bowl exemplifies their dedication to using only the freshest ingredients. These bowls are crafted without the addition of any extra sugar and incorporate ethically sourced produce whenever feasible. Furthermore, they are served in eco-conscious packaging, carefully chosen to be either compostable or recyclable.

Allan Shieh, COO of bamboo bowls shared that  “The need for healthy food options for working professionals is more important than ever as individuals become more health conscious. The unique tech-enabled experience we have designed at bamboo bowls allows us to provide a fuss-free dining experience to professionals working in the area, without compromising on nutrition and quality of flavours.”

 Check out what’s new at bamboo bowls from coffee to condiments:

The new outlet features an all-new In-store retail corner, as well as a coffee bar where diners can enjoy a variety of hot and cold beverages.

The new location features a chic, minimalistic interior that centres around a row of futuristic-looking rotating pods from which diners can collect their meals. Guests can place their orders on the bamboo bowls mobile app or website, or with the contactless ordering kiosks that allow diners to skip the queues and order their meals seamlessly, fulfilling the bamboo bowls’ promise of serving up meals under five minutes. bamboo bowls has also implemented several new features at its new location. To complement the restaurant’s existing grab-and-go concept, new outlet features a first for bamboo bowls – a coffee bar where diners will be able to grab a quick pick-me-up of freshly brewed barista coffee, available in Black (Hot: $4 | Cold: $5), and White (Hot: $5 | Cold:$6), traditional black Nanyang Coffee (Hot: $3, Cold: $4), traditional white Ipoh Coffee (Hot: $4 | Cold: $5), and Hong Kong Yeun Yeung (Hot: $5 | Cold: $6), as well as two delicious latte options made with bb’s zero-sugar sweetener – Matcha Latte (Hot:$5 | Cold: $6), and Hojicha Latte (Hot: $5 |Cold: $6), to complement their bowls.

The Marina Bay outlet also brings forth an innovative addition: an in-store retail corner, offering patrons the chance to purchase five of bamboo bowls’ cherished condiments in bottled form. Crafted ingeniously by the bamboo bowls team, these alternatives, surpassing traditional sugar-laden options while retaining exquisite flavours, include the vegan bb kimchi, savoury vegan fish sauce, zero-calorie monk fruit syrup, spicy gochujang sauce, and the tangy dan dan sauce.

Drawing inspiration from the diverse flavours and culinary heritage spanning across Asia, the menu presents a selection of eight easily customisable bowls. These meticulously crafted options have been expertly curated by a team of renowned chefs hailing from across the region. Notably, esteemed local culinary figures Damian D’Silva and Bjorn Shen collaborate with bamboo bowls as chef-consultants. They play a pivotal role in shaping the dining experience and will spearhead the curation of forthcoming seasonal menu specials.

Highlights of bamboo bowls’ newest offering 

Diners can enjoy Jaffna, bamboo bowls’ newest offering crafted by Chef Damian that encapsulates the essence of Sri Lanka’s renowned medley of spices. Nestled atop fragrant Basmati brown rice is a velvety spinach dahl and two exquisite curries, Daikon curry and snake gourd curry, topped with beetroot pachadi, mint chutney, and roasted cashew bits. Diners can also opt for a protein add-on of spiced masala chicken.

Another all-time highlight, Saigon, curated by Chef Bjorn, is an authentic bowl of Vietnamese Bun Noodles which combines punchy fresh vegetables and herbs, lemongrass tofu, and a serving of bb’s sugar-and-fish-free nuoc cham, pickled carrots and radish, topped with roasted peanuts. Perfectly suited for those with dairy-free and gluten-free dietary preferences.

Another favourite is the Taipei bowl, which features bb’s braised plant-based mince over pearl brown rice, soy-marinated egg, bok choy in garlic sauce, pickled cucumber and a choice of umami braised pork belly for a meaty add-on. The fiery Sichuan noodle bowl encapsulates a bold and captivating flavour profile with brown la mian noodles, topped with bb’s spiced plant-based mince, black vinegar and chilli mushrooms, chilli pepper and shredded cucumber. This dairy-free delight comes with fixed Alliums and spice levels for an authentic Sichuan experience.

Priced from an affordable $10, all base bowls start off vegan or vegetarian and can be customised according to preference and budget, such as opting for a low-carb base or protein add-on.

bamboo bowls at Marina Bay Link Mall will be open from Mondays to Fridays at 8A Marina Blvd, Singapore 018984, from 7:30am – 7:30pm (kitchen opens at 11am), and closed on weekends and public holidays. Limited seatings for dine-in are available. bamboo bowls is also available for islandwide delivery. Orders can be made on


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