Hideaways – Creating with Nature at Playeum

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Playeum, Singapore’s 1st Children’s Centre for Creativity opens its second hands-on, interactive exhibition for children aged 1 to 12 years old titled ‘Hideaways – Creating With Nature’ from 16 April till 30 October 2016. The latest exhibition is led by Creative Director, Jeremy Chu. 

Playeum’s inaugural exhibition ‘The Art of Speed’ attracted over 17,500 children and adults during its six and a half month long duration. Please click HERE to read about Playeum’s inaugural exhibition ‘The Art of Speed’. 

‘Hideaways – Creating With Nature’ offers children an immersive unique, nature-themed environment to explore, observe and engage with nature and natural materials through hands-on exhibits and interactive artists’ installations. 

Playeum Singapore 1

Creature Cave by Bartholomew Ting created for infants and toddlers to explore the multi-sensory cave featuring animal sound pads and a range of textures and lights. This will help to simulate the children’s senses as they have fun playing at the cave structure.

Playeum Singapore 2

The Dark Space, sound web installation by Richard Kearns. At this darken and exciting space where the sounds of nature will be activated by motions. Children can look forward to engage in kinetic artwork and have fun with the hands-on activities at this installation.

Playeum Singapore 3

Welcome to My World by The People’s Atelier (formerly ShadowGap Suite). Children can imagine, learn and understand the world of insects by constructing the shelters for the insects and explore the sights and sounds from an insect’s perspective. 

Playeum Singapore 4

Knock, Knock! Who lives there? by Isabelle Desjeux. At this installation, children are given an unique opportunity to watch, observe and record the insects and other creatures in their natural habitats using special surveillance screens, magnifying glasses and projector. 

Playeum Singapore 6

Make-believe Hideaway by Madhvi Subrahmanian. Children are given a lump of clay and invited to experience playing and building imaginary habitats inspired by nature to create a secret hideaway. All the clay made by the kids will be gathered and will result in a collaborative display. 

Playeum Singapore 7

Sounds of Earth – Nature’s Ensemble by Shogun Creatives. Children can use their creativity, imagination to build musical instruments using natural materials provided. After building their own musical instrument, children can proudly display their own unique instrument at the Tunnel of Sound located outside. 

‘Hideaways – Creating With Nature’ invites and encourages children to play and learn to appreciate the natural world. It also enables children to learn and observe animals and plants in their natural environment. Summing up by Playeum’s Executive Director, Anna Salaman “The very nature of this process is to enable children to take ownership of the experience, and therefore the team at Playeum is constantly observing children and adapting the programme in response to the children’s experiences. We also involve and consult with, regularly, our Children’s Advisory Network, consisting of up to 15 children aged between 3 and 12. This ensures that the programmes are child-centred and also ensures their sustainability.”

Children and parents to Playeum can look forward to an impressive line-up of creative workshops, holiday camps, artist interventions and other activities that will form the ‘Hideaways’ programme. Please click HERE for more information.

Additional Information: 

‘Hideaways – Creating With Nature’ at Playeum’s Children’s Centre for Creativity

16 April to 30 October 2016.

Blk 47, Gillman Barracks

Singapore 109444

Admission prices: $20 per child/parent pair, additional adults $10

Opening Times : Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to  6pm

Tickets are purchased at the Centre. Special rates and times are available for schools and groups. The Centre also hosts birthday parties.

More information on Playeum and the Children’s Centre for Creativity can be found at www.playeum.com


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