Home Baking Day : Your Haven for Baking Bliss – An Interview with Leon Tsai, Founder of Home Baking Day

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Are you someone who loves the idea of baking but dreads the cleanup that follows? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to try your hand at creating delectable desserts but have been intimidated by the long list of ingredients and equipment required? If so, Home Baking Day is here to make your baking dreams a reality. 

Located at #04-11/12/13 City Square Mall, Home Baking Day is Taiwan’s first tablet-guided DIY baking studio, where your baking dreams become a reality without the hassle. This innovative studio offers easy-to-follow recipes that will elevate your baking to the next level. 

Here’s what makes Home Baking Day stand out:

The Convenience and A Variety of Dessert Recipes Available 

There’s no need to book appointments in advance or stick to fixed class schedules. Simply walk in at your convenience, choose from over 50 dessert recipes. Catering to all taste buds and skill levels, from favourites like Lemon, Chiffon, and Cheesecake to non-cake items like tarts, cookies, chocolates, and donuts, there’s something for everyone.

Each recipe is carefully curated and categorised based on difficulty levels ranging from easy to intermediate to advanced, ensuring that both beginners and seasoned bakers can find the perfect treat to whip up. You can start baking immediately. Whether it’s a spontaneous decision or a planned baking session, Home Baking Day welcomes you.

Accessible Equipment

One of the biggest barriers to home baking is the need for specialised equipment. Home Baking Day provides everything you need to create masterful desserts, from ovens to professional mixers, turntables, piping tips, and donut moulds. Whether you’re a baking enthusiast looking to experiment with new techniques or a novice eager to learn the ropes of baking, Home Baking Day has you covered.

Expert Assistance On-Site

Feeling a bit overwhelmed or stuck midway through your baking adventure? No problem! Home Baking Day’s friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to lend a helping hand. Whether you need guidance on a tricky step or just want some reassurance, they’re there to ensure that your baking journey is smooth sailing from start to finish.

Interview with Leon Tsai, Founder of Home Baking Day

Our editorial team interviewed Leon Tsai, Founder of Home Baking Day, where he shared more about his founding journey of the baking studio, the curation process behind the cake recipes available for Singaporean cake enthusiasts as well as a glimpse into Home Baking Day’s exciting future plans, new offerings and seasonal menus. Read on to discover more about the passion and dedication driving Home Baking Day’s baking revolution.

1. What inspired you to start Home Baking Day?

Leon Tsai: My wife and I have always enjoyed baking and making our own treats, as it brought joy and a sense of satisfaction to us. We enrolled in baking classes and invested in baking equipment and tools. But we realised that if we don’t bake often enough, then the ingredients expire quickly and will eventually go to waste. Also, factors like complex recipes, the need to purchase expensive equipment, and the mess caused by baking, are some of the reasons why people don’t want to bake.

So in 2016, I founded Home Baking Day in Taiwan, with the vision of making the baking process effortless for everyone. Through Home Baking Day, I hope that individuals of all skill levels and ages will be able to fully immerse themselves and truly enjoy the baking experience.

 2. What sets Home Baking Day apart from other baking studios in the market?

Leon Tsai: One key factor that sets Home Baking Day apart from other baking studios is the flexibility that we provide. Conventional baking studios in Singapore have fixed baking classes and standard timings which may not suit everyone’s schedules. At Home Baking Day, we allow customers to walk in at their convenience, as and when they are available. This flexibility caters to various schedules and ensures that the joy of baking can be experienced without any time constraints, making the process a lot more accessible and enjoyable.

Home Baking Day also uses a tablet to guide customers throughout the entire baking process. The recipes on the tablet are detailed and easy to understand, even for people with little baking experience. Compared to other baking studios where you have to keep up with the teacher, you will be able to complete the entire baking task at your own pace at Home Baking Day, ensuring a fuss-free experience. And if you need any help during the process, our staff are always around.

We also take care of the washing and cleaning up of the baking tools, so every time you visit Home Baking Day, you get to experience the joy of baking without having to worry about the mess.

3. How do you come up with the recipes? What’s the curation process like?

Leon Tsai: We have a standard menu of over 40 recipes which is refreshed twice every year. All our recipes are meticulously curated and designed to cater to the Singaporean taste buds. We conduct thorough market research to understand local tastes, and incorporate popular flavours while introducing unique twists to ensure that each recipe provides a fun experience for our customers. During the curation process, we will test our recipes carefully, so that they are suitable for bakers of all skill levels.

4. Apart from the standard menu, Home Baking Day also offers seasonal menus. How does this appeal to your customers?

Leon Tsai: Our seasonal menu offers customers a chance to experience something new and exciting whenever they visit. The menus are based mainly on two factors; firstly by the seasons of fruits, and secondly, if there are any special occasions.

By having seasonal ingredient menus like the recent one for strawberries, customers get to use the best ingredients at their tastiest.

For others looking to celebrate an occasion, like Mother’s Day, our seasonal menu provides them with specially curated designs that will show their appreciation. They can either bake a cake as a gift or bake it together with their mom. Available from 16th April to 31st May 2024, customers can come to bake their cakes at their convenience.

5. What are your future plans for Home Baking Day? Are there any upcoming menu items in the pipeline for customers to look forward to?

Leon Tsai: We hope to reach out to larger groups of people in Singapore so that more will be able to experience this fuss-free and fun baking experience.

In the coming months, customers can also look forward to a wide range of new recipes in our upcoming seasonal menus like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Mango season. 

In the future, we are also thinking of hosting an event just for our junior bakers, or one for bakers with similar baking interests to gather and share their passion.

Join the Baking Revolution at Home Baking Day

Visit Home Baking Day, where baking becomes a joyful and fulfilling experience for all. Since its inception in Taiwan in 2016, Home Baking Day has expanded across Asia with 11 outlets in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. From carefully selected ingredients to top-notch baking equipment, Home Baking Day is your go-to destination for creating desserts that bring joy with every bite.

Why settle for store-bought cakes when you can create your own masterpiece at Home Baking Day? Whether you’re a seasoned baker or a novice in the kitchen, come on down and let your creativity shine. With their tablet-guided DIY baking studio, the only limit is your imagination. Embark on a baking adventure at Home Baking Day, find out more at http://www.homebakingday.com/

Images credit to Home Baking Day


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