How to Really Get the Best for Your Children

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Many of us, once we have children, we tend to be more careful as we want the best for our kids and will start to realise that sometimes, some mass produced products may not be as high-quality as you would like them to be. This could be anything from clothing that does not quite fit, food items that contain too much sugar or too many preservatives, even to products that you need but simply cannot find at all. If you have tried to search for the items that you need and the quality that you are looking for without any luck, why not think of setting up your own online business to provide for, not only your needs but for the needs of other like-minded parents?

Run a Business And Raise Children?

The old way of working parents is slowly crumbling. No longer are parents expected to work long hours in the office, uncontactable by their children and having to hire carers to look after the children between 9am and 5pm, and then go home and spend the next four or five hours being the perfect, tireless parent, understanding and wise about all things… No, it is now understood that family life and working life are no longer separate entities and that they can, in fact, overlap very satisfactorily. It is now possible to achieve work-family life balance.

Thanks to the internet and the widening growth of remote working, businesses are even allowing workers to work from their own homes, commuting to the office once a week or twice a month for progress reports, meetings and so on. The rest of the time, they are free to work their allotted hours at any time they like: just so long as the work is done by the time it is needed. In this way, parents can wake up an hour before the rest of the family, check emails and make a ‘to-do’ list for the day. Then they can spend some time with the family, making and eating breakfast, doing the school run, and perhaps running a few errands while they are out. Upon their return to the house, they can settle down to some uninterrupted work. It has been discovered that for people for whom remote working is ideal, that they can achieve very high levels of productivity, up to seventy percent higher than when in the office. This is because they are not being distracted by colleagues, tea breaks, lunch breaks and so on – they can focus completely on the task in hand until it is done. They can take a break in time to collect the children from school, and spend some time ferrying them about to parties, activities, and after-school clubs, before returning home in time to prepare dinner. Then once the food has been eaten and the kitchen tidied up, he or she can return to their work, putting in a few more hours before relaxing for a while before bed. This process applies to running an online business with very few changes needed.

Sounds Great. How Do I Do It?

Your best bet is to use an ecommerce platform which will lead you through the processes of setting up an online page with secure payment pages, attractive product displays and simple, easy to use links and infrastructure. Do a little market research, and perhaps make up some sample products to try out in person, for example, with fellow parents at the school, or through a local organisation. Then, once you are sure your products are the next big thing, take the plunge!



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