How To Talk to Your Child about What They Want to Be in the Future

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It can be difficult to talk with your young child about what they want to be in the future. You may feel unprepared to guide them or are worried that you will say the wrong things.

Whatever your concerns may be, it’s important to have this discussion regardless of your child’s age. In fact, it’s never too early to start talking to your child about their dreams. Nurturing their aspirations early gives you a head start in guiding them toward becoming well-rounded individuals.

If you’re uncertain about starting this seemingly life-changing conversation, consider these tips for having meaningful talks with your child about their future.

Begin with Your Child’s Interests and Talents

Many children develop their interests early in life. Thus, it pays to be attentive to what your child loves to do, be it drawing, storytelling, or solving puzzles. You can use these topics as conversation starters about their future aspirations. Look at what your child excels at in school as well and use your observations to start discussions about what they want to do when they grow up. 

For example, you can start by saying, “I see you got high marks in maths. What do you like about it?” As the conversation continues, you can discuss the different opportunities like the work study programme available to Singaporeans to help them attain their dreams. 

Keep an open mind and actively listen to your child’s thoughts and ideas when you have this conversation. Doing so will help you understand what exactly they’re passionate about and why, as well as the kind of support you can provide them.

Give Them Opportunities to Explore

Apart from nurturing your child’s interests, it’s a great idea to open them up to new things and allow them to explore. Who knows, your child might discover something they like more or have a talent in.  Thus, it’s a good idea to give your child different opportunities to explore diverse activities and experiences. Enrol them in extracurricular classes or clubs that expose them to a variety of interests to help them discover new passions that they may want to pursue in the future. 

Discuss Different Careers and Skills

If your child has shown interest in a certain career, discuss with them the skills needed to succeed in that field. This lets you find out exactly what aspect of that specific career or job they’re most interested in. Then, you can discuss with them further the other responsibilities and skills certain professions require. This can entice your child to pursue such a career. 

Additionally, you can help broaden your child’s career ideas by introducing them to various professions and industries. Consider arranging visits to workplaces or bringing them to career talks where your child can meet professionals and gain first-hand insights into various jobs. 

Cultivate Your Child’s Resilience 

Part of talking to your child about their future is discussing the possible challenges they might encounter and how they can prepare for such situations. Not everything will go their way and you can’t shield them from everything, but you can teach your child how to handle failures positively and use them as an opportunity to learn. 

Encourage your child to think about what they can do better if they make mistakes and emphasise that it’s okay to start over. This kind of support can boost their confidence to overcome any challenge. It’s also a good idea to discuss what lessons they learned from the situation. This can help them be more accepting of setbacks rather than be resentful. 

Be Supportive 

One of the best things you can offer your child is your support. Listen to your child when they’re talking about their interests to boost their self-esteem and motivate them to pursue what they like. Be open and kind when your child wants to talk about their difficulties, too. Tell them that they can discuss any topic with you and that you’re there to help. Create a safe space for your child to share their thoughts and concerns without fear of being judged. 

Stay Informed

In order to guide your child and help them reach their dreams, it’s best to stay informed about the latest developments in education. Research about your child’s options and the resources available to them today and in the future. For example, programmes like SkillsFuture—a government initiative to help Singaporeans who want to develop their skills and stay relevant in the changing job landscape—are valuable resources that they can tap into later on. 

You can help your child recognize their talents, nurture their interests, and motivate them to reach their goals when you often engage them in open conversations about their aspirations. Additionally, it’s a chance to empower your child to build a fulfilling future.

It’s also never too early to talk to your child about what they want to be. Start this kind of important conversation today, so you can better prepare your child to navigate the exciting journey of self-discovery and achievement.


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