I am nine months old !

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At this stage, I am able to do the following:
I am able to express my emotion freely, I will smile and laugh when I am happy or when I am in a good mood and when I am frustrated, you will know. I cried and make a lot of noise. I will point or attempt to grab the objects that I want and be able to pick up using my finger and thumb which is commonly known as the pincer grip.
Mummy likes to play peek-a-poo with me, she will cover her face with a big cushion and I will look for her by pushing the cushion away or when she hides behind the huge sofa, I will crawl behind to look for her. When I find her, I will squeak with delight!
Experts said that this is a major development for babies as we seek the find anything that is out of sight and it trains our mind into thinking. I am able to stand very well now and put myself back into sitting position. I can even clap and wave now. When my parents wave at me, I will wave back and they are so excited to see me waving and clapping my hands. They will do anything to make me smile and laugh.
My diet contains milk, porridge and fruit puree. Although I am only night months, many thought that I am a bigger baby more than one year old because of my size and my full head of hair.
I am slightly more 10kg now.

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