I was featured in Mama Baobei Magazine

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Mummy says:

I am featured in Mama Baobei magazine which is the top Chinese magazine on parenting to share about my pregnancy. The first installment of the article has been published.

Thanks to Mama Baobei Magazine !

Gor Gor says:

This is how it all begins when Mummy is pregnant with me. She is approached by a leading Motherhood magazine to cover her whole pregnancy journey. She is very excited to be able to share her pregnancy journey with the readers.
When the editor of the magazine first saw Mummy’s photo, she contacted Mummy and said that they would wish to cover her whole pregnancy journey and she also compliment Mummy is beautiful. The editor is so sweet, isn’t she :) Thank you so much for your compliment!
The editor and a photographer from the magazine came down when Mummy and Daddy went for their consultation on 13 July 2005. This is also the day to find out whether Mummy is expecting a boy or a girl. Mummy has very strong instinct that I am a boy right from the beginning when she is pregnant. Yes, she is right! I am a boy! The interesting fact is that everyone guessed that Mummy is expecting a boy as her tummy’s shape is really sharp/pointed and from her behind, you can’t tell that she is pregnant. According to the Chinese thinking, if the expecting woman tummy’s shape is sharp/pointed, most likely it is a boy, a rounder shape, most likely it is a girl although there is no scientific proof. So everyone is correct in their prediction. Mummy’s students are very adorable, they are all guessing whether I am a baby boy or girl? When they knew that I am a boy, they went hooray! I suppose they have guessed correctly, mummy’s tummy is really sharp.
The editor takes a recorder and starts to interview Mummy while the photographer is busy taking pictures. Everyone at the clinic is looking at Mummy and Daddy. When it is Mummy’s turn to go into the consultation room, everyone follows and the hospital send a public relation officer to facilitate the whole process. However, Mummy is actually suffering, no one knows as she is bearing the pain herself. She doesn’t want to disrupt anybody’s schedule. Mummy has two big fibroid when she is pregnant and due to hormonal changes, the two fibroid keep growing, blood supply is restricted thus causing the pain. Fibroid feed on blood supply and the pain is comparable to a massive heart attack. Can you imagine how painful that is?
Mummy couldn’t take the pain anymore and is admitted to the hospital on the next day. Her condition is being monitored and the nurses pitied Mummy as she is so in pain and they said Mummy is so poor thing as she has many months more to go before I arrive into this world. The pain might come back and if so, Mummy has to be admitted again. Fortunately, thank God, after this time, Mummy hasn’t suffered any attack for the rest of her pregnancy. Gynae advised Mummy not to be a “gungho” anymore that means don’t try to be brave and not go for epidural because her condition is different, she can’t have a hard labour in case she has to go for emergency C-section. My parents would like to thank everybody – family, relatives, friends and church friends who have been praying for my mummy’s pregnancy and smooth delivery. Thank you so much :)
One day, the editor of the magazine called Mummy and said that she is leaving Singapore, another editor will take over the coverage. On the next consultation on 26 August, the new editor and the photographer went down with Mummy and Daddy for her usual checkup. Mummy would like to thank the old and current editor and photographer for accompanying her throughout the whole pregnancy process. Mummy is honored to be able to share her pregnancy process and thank the magazine for the opportunity. Mummy has put in a lot of effort into this pregnancy journal. They have a very happy working relationship.

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