IMPOSSIBLE Live in Singapore 2017: The World’s Greatest Magic Comes to Singapore!

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IMPOSSIBLE Live in Singapore 2017: The World’s Greatest Magic Comes to Singapore! – Review 

“IMPOSSIBLE, the most exciting magical show the United Kingdom has ever seen”. This is the official introduction of the show and Our Parenting World team has been looking forward to watch this show!

After catching the IMPOSSIBLE and we think this official introduction of the show is true as it has been a thrilling and most exciting magical time for us!


To have 7 world-leading magicians sharing the same stage during the 2 hours plus show is simply amazing! Each of the magicians has exuded different personality which made it a mind-blowing and electrifying experiences for the audience.

The magicians are Explosive Street Magician Magical Bones, Daredevil and Escapologist Jonathan Goodwin, Cutting-edge Conjurer Sabine van Diemen, Grand Illusionist Josephine Lee, Boundary Breaking Magician Ben Hart, Mind-blowing Mind-reader Chris Cox and of course, last but not least, the audience’s favourite, World famous silent mentalist, Aaron Chow.

Ben Hart

Aaron Chow’s performance is certainly one of the most exciting part of the show. One of the jaw-dropping moments was when he invited 3 guests from the audience to join him on stage where he poured hot wax on his eye (that must be really painful) to seal his eyelids follow by applying various blindfold in the form of bandages, masking tape and aluminum over his waxed eyelids. Then he proceed to take turns to hit different objects held by the guests on stage, including using a long sword to slice a pineapple placed on top of a lady audience.

In the next act, Aaron got off the stage and shot an arrow from far hitting an apple placed over another lady audience’s head on stage. This is also another heart stopping scene for the audience.

Chris Cox is the funniest one among the group. He randomly chose a member of the audience to join him on stage where he showed his mind reading skills to the audience. There is also a segment of audience participation where Magical Bones invited all the audience to open up a sealed envelope which was placed on their seats at the start of the performance and then follow his series of instructions to perform our own magic trick.

Some of magic tricks were quite familiar with the audience, like Sabine attempting to saw a man into half (normally in other shows it is the male magician sawing a lady into half but this time it is the lady magician sawing a man into half). Don’t worry, the man survived the ordeal. Magical Bones burnt a $50 Singapore currency on stage and then the same piece of $50 currency note returned back in a sealed chocolate bar.

This is certainly a great magical show! Although the show is held in the rather old Kallang Theatre, the great performance by these amazing magicians was more than able to make up for it, and making watching the show a really magical experiences for all of us! Remember, don’t try this at home!

Don’t miss IMPOSSIBLE, the most exciting magical show the United Kingdom has ever seen, embarks on its first tour to Asia from 10 to 19 March 2017! 

Show Date:
Friday, 10 – Sunday, 19 March 2017

Show Time:
Friday: 7.30pm
Saturday: 2.00pm & 7.30pm
Sunday: 2.00pm

Kallang Theatre

Ticket Pricing:
(Excludes Booking Fee)
*VIP: S$168
Standard: S$138, S$98, S$58, S$38

To purchase tickets at Sistic, please go to


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