Indulge in Culinary Elegance and Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Jubilant Abundance at Peach Blossoms, Peppermint and Portman’s Bar at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore

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Usher in the majestic Year of the Dragon and celebrate the Lunar New Year with Jubilant Abundance at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore. Enjoy and revel in culinary delights at Peach Blossoms, indulge in a traditional buffet feast at Peppermint, and savour the oriental-themed Afternoon Tea at Portman’s Bar. Look forward to a variety of Lunar New Year specials, traditional feasts, and family bundle takeaways. 

Jubilant Abundance at Peach Blossoms from 26 January until 25 February 2024

Executive Chinese Chef Edward Chong and his Culinary Team at Peach Blossoms have meticulously crafted an array of signature dishes, set menus, and a variety of Yu Sheng options. Notable among them are the crowd-favourite Harvest Yu Sheng and the exquisite Blossoming Abalone Treasure Pot. This culinary masterpiece showcases a medley of premium ingredients, including 10-head Whole Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Scallop, Braised Pig’s Trotter, Roast Duck, Dried Oyster, Live Prawn, Flower Mushroom, Lotus Root, Dace Fish Ball, and Radish, ensuring a delightful gastronomic experience.

During the media tastings, we indulged in a variety of exquisite dishes expertly crafted by the talented Executive Chinese Chef Edward Chong and his culinary team. Here’s the highlight of the dishes as follows:

Peach Blossoms Auspicious Yu Sheng

Peach Blossoms Auspicious Yu Sheng is a delightful fusion of clean ocean flavours and nutty sweetness from Kanpachi (Great Amberjack), enriched with the umami notes of fresh Hakkaido Uni (Sea Urchin). This harmonious blend is complemented by an array of fresh fruits, including succulent fresh strawberries, zesty kiwi, aromatic jackfruit, crisp nashi pear, luscious rockmelon, refreshing honeydew, and the unique jambu (Water Apple). Adorned with vanilla-infused shredded taro, this dish is a symbol of prosperity, inviting you to celebrate the Year of the Dragon in style at Peach Blossoms.

Double Boiled Geoduck and Chicken Mouse Soup

In the artful creation of Double Boiled Geoduck and Chicken Mousse Soup, Chef Edward’s inventive touch is on display, featuring a butterfly-shaped chicken mousse delicately adorned with the sweetness of corn and peas. Paired with sashimi-style geoduck, meant to be gently blanched in an aromatic broth meticulously crafted from eight hours of boiling free-range chicken, this dish is a testament to culinary ingenuity and exquisite flavour.

Braised Dried Abalone, Fish Maw and Chicken

Indulge in the rich umami flavours of candy heart dried abalone from South Africa, meticulously prepared in-house over 2-3 weeks. Paired with a succulent, tender free-range chicken drumstick expertly filled with fish maw, this delicious dish symbolising good fortune and a year of abundance. 

Japanese Sea Cucumber, Sturgeon Fish Tendon Dumpling with Superior Sauce

To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, Chef Edward infuses sturgeon fish into this dish, selected for its head resembling a mythical dragon. The fish is expertly deboned and skillfully crafted into a dumpling resembling a fish, complete with its tendon. It is presented alongside prized Japanese sea cucumber in a sweet pumpkin and sturgeon broth. The mild and slightly sweet flavours of the firm sturgeon meat offer a delectable and gratifying experience.

During the media tastings, Chef Edward and his culinary team not only skillfully prepared exquisite dishes but also left us in awe with their masterful demonstration of the art of fine cooking. Their precision, creativity, and attention to detail were truly impressive, leaving a lasting impression on us. It was a culinary showcase that went beyond mere tastings, offering a captivating experience that demonstrated their culinary prowess and dedication to the craft.

All the dishes are presented with elegant finesse, thoughtfully curated with carefully selected tableware and decorative accents that seamlessly complement the Year of the Dragon theme. The meticulous attention to presentation enhances not only the flavours but also the overall dining experience.

Snow Crab and Wild Mushrooms, Served with Japanese Pearl Rice

Embracing the intricate flavours of snow crab, this dish harmonises the briny sweetness and savoury notes of the freshly peeled crab meat with the earthy richness of wild mushrooms. Delicate Japanese pearl rice is cooked alongside these ingredients in a clay pot, infusing a subtle smokiness. To elevate the dish, steamed egg white is delicately combined with snow crab leg meat and crowned with aromatic yellow wine.

Green Tea Puff with Osmanthus, Pineapple Sorbet, Red Date Cake, Peanuts and Pine Nuts Soup

We concluded our exceptional dining experience on a delightful note, savouring an array of desserts that tantalised our palates with diverse flavours and textures

A delicate and crisp Green Tea Puff, shaped like a mandarin, delivers a perfect blend of nutty notes of sesame and peanuts, complemented by the sweet umami notes of green tea paste and the invigorating touch of cucumber. Meanwhile, the tangy Pineapple Sorbet takes the form of a majestic stone lion, symbolising prosperity in the Lunar New Year.

Adding to the festivities, the Red Date Cake embodies joy and good fortune, featuring a soft glutinous texture enriched with red bean and red dates. Lastly, the Peanuts and Pine Nuts Soup, encased in an eye-catching shell, invites a ceremonial cracking open with a mallet, marking the auspicious start and welcoming a brand new year.

Our culinary journey at Peach Blossoms was an unparalleled delight, leaving us utterly impressed by Executive Chinese Chef Edward Chong’s and his culinary team’s masterful creations. Each dish was a testament to their culinary expertise, showcasing a perfect blend of flavours and textures that danced on our palates. From the exquisite Peach Blossoms Auspicious Yu Sheng, a fusion of oceanic notes and nutty sweetness, to the innovative Double Boiled Geoduck and Chicken Mousse Soup, each course was a revelation in culinary artistry. The meticulous preparation of the Braised Dried Abalone, Fish Maw, and Chicken exuded a sense of abundance, while the Japanese Sea Cucumber, Sturgeon Fish Tendon Dumpling with Superior Sauce transported us to a realm of delicate and gratifying flavours. The Snow Crab and Wild Mushrooms, with its intricate harmony, and the diverse array of desserts, including the Green Tea Puff and Pineapple Sorbet, concluded our dining experience on an extraordinary note.

Come and enjoy the extraordinary and brilliant creation of Chef Edward and his culinary team, where every dish is a masterpiece. Embark on a gastronomic adventure that promises not just a meal but an unforgettable experience, making your dining experience at Peach Blossoms truly exceptional.

Additional Information:

In celebration of the auspicious season, Peach Blossoms presents six specially curated Lunar New Year set menus, which include the seven-course Blessings set at $2,388 per table of 10, a six-course Year of the Dragon Imperial set at $398++ per person (two days advanced order required), a seven-course Delightful set at $298++ per person, an eight-course Contentment set at $188++ per person, and an eight-course Blissful set at $168++ per person. A seven-course Vegetarian Fortune set is also available at $188++ per person. 

Raise a toast to wealth, good fortune and prosperity with Peach Blossoms’ Yu Sheng. Among the favourites, exclusive for dine-in only, is Peach Blossoms’ Harvest Yu Sheng ($188++*/$288++**), a refreshing creation by Chef Edward Chong and his Culinary Team. Experience a unique twist as guests are invited to ‘smash’ a nitrogen-infused rose into a delightful medley of kanpachi, abalone, crispy whitebait, and organic mixed fruits. Discover other options, such as the Fortune Abalone Yu Sheng ($138++*/$188++**), Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng with Crispy Whitebait ($128++*/$168++**), Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng ($108++*/$148++**), and Vegetarian Abalone Yu Sheng ($98++*/$128++**). 

* Serves five ** Serves 10 | For dine-in only.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

12:00pm to 3:00pm (Last Order at 2:30pm)

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
11:30am to 3:00pm (Last order at 2:30pm)

Monday to Friday
6:30pm to 10:30pm (Last Order 10:00pm)

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
6:30pm to 10:30pm (Last Order 10:00pm)

For more information, please contact Peach Blossoms on +65 6845 1118, email [email protected], or visit

Jubilant Abundance Feast at Peppermint from 12 January until 25 February 2024

Embark on a delightful culinary journey this Lunar New Year meticulously crafted by talented Chef de Cuisine Leon Yee and his Culinary Team as they present a delectable menu fusing Asian and international favourites! 

Look forward to enjoy a variety of mouth-watering dishes such as rich Chicken, Fish Maw, and Top Shell in Pumpkin Soup, succulent Cantonese-style Braised Black Angus Beef Short Ribs and Taro, and the indulgent Steamed Herbal Chicken with Red Dates and Ginseng, and more. Each dish is a celebration of flavours and tradition. Don’t miss their exquisite and flavourful Braised Sea Cucumber with Crispy Beancurd Puff, Whole Abalone and Collagen Sauce, simmered for more than three hours to perfection for an authentic taste. A must try! 

Complete your hearty feast on a sweet note with Peppermint’s Lunar New Year cookies and candies, a variety of cakes and pastries such as Mandarin Orange Mango, Strawberry Pistachio, Lychee Velvet Gateaux, and many more! 

On Lunar New Year’s Eve and Lunar New Year Day, indulge in specially curated dishes for lunch and dinner, including Claypot Chicken Rice, Hong Kong-style Pan-fried Turnip Cake with Conpoy Sauce, Malaysian-style Curry Lobster with Beancurd Skin, Japanese Sea Cucumber, stuffed with Prawn and Tobiko Mousse, Giant Garoupa with Sichuan Pickled Mustard, alongside many other delectable offerings!

Elevate your Lunar New Year celebration with Peppermint’s Prosperity Yu Sheng, adding a touch of refined indulgence to your festivities! Available for six or 10 persons, choose between premium abalone or prosperity salmon. Peppermint’s Prosperity Yu Sheng showcases a medley of fresh vegetables and edible flowers sourced directly from the hotel’s Urban Farm. 

Reserve your table now, the Jubilant Abundance Feast is available from now until 25 February 2024. We thoroughly enjoyed the impressive, delicious buffet at Peppermint, perfect for indulging in a flavoursome culinary journey during the Lunar New Year celebration with your family and friends. 

For reservations, please contact Peppermint on +65 6845 1112, email [email protected], or visit

Portman’s Bar’s Oriental-themed Afternoon Tea from 5 January until 4 April 2024

Elevate your Lunar New Year celebrations, embark on a delectable journey and treat your taste buds to an extraordinary Oriental-themed Afternoon Tea at Portman’s Bar!  From now until April 4, 2024, enjoy the masterpieces meticulously crafted by skillful Pastry Chef Christopher Eng and his Pastry Team, celebrating the festive season in every bite. 

Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavours with a curated menu priced at $68++ per person (minimum of two persons to dine). Look forward to enjoy a variety of delectable savouries and sweets treasures such as Homemade Vanilla Scone with Clotted Cream and Pandan Kaya, Smoked Duck Tortilla, Salmon Choux Puff, Abalone Radish Cake with XO sauce, and the luxurious “Black Gold” – a Yam Puff that is filled with Chicken Char Siew and adorned with Gold Flakes. Other highlights include the exquisite Chicken Bak Kwa Ciabatta, a flavour explosion, the “Fire Cracker” Raspberry Mousse and Yuzu Cremieux Gateaux, and revel in the zesty Mandarin Orange Curd. 

Experience pure bliss with the Urban Farm Pandan Egg Tart complemented by Osmanthus Jelly, and end your feast on a sweet note with a selection of Lunar New Year cookies, macaroons, and chocolate pralines presented on Portman’s Bar Sweet Wagon. Portman’s Bar’s Oriental-themed Afternoon Tea also includes two servings of coffee and tea. 

Upgrade your experience with a two-hour free flow of Champagne, house red/white wine, Tiger draught, and selected cocktails at $118++ per person. 

Don’t miss out on this limited-time celebration of taste and tradition! Hurry, make your reservation now!

For more information, please call Portman’s Bar on +65 6845 1119, email [email protected], or visit

Celebrate Lunar New Year with your family and friends and enjoy an awesome dining experiences at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore. 


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