Indulge in delectable European sorbet on a stick with Shapetime

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Food Union is delighted to present Shapetime™ for the very first time in Singapore. These delicious treats comprise a delightful range of icy sorbets specially crafted in Europe for the health-conscious consumers in mind. 

Presented on a stick, Shapetime™ is a gratifying range of low calories (62 kcal to 74 kcal) with 0% fat cool confection made with an all-natural list of ingredients. The treats do not contain artificial flavourings and artificial colours. They also make the perfect delicious pick-me-up for vegans to enjoy. Concocted with wholesome purees of fresh fruits, Shapetime™ is available in three enticing variants – kiwi, raspberry, and mango. Each flavour is shaped to a tasty perfection on a stick, revealing a neat 3D representation of fruits as you unwrap the treats. 

Photo Credit: FOOD UNION

Fans of the kiwi fruit will relish the Shapetime™ Kiwi Frozen Dessert for its invigoratingly sweet and tangy mix of tastes. Only 62 kcal, this zesty treat is made wholly from the puree of fresh kiwi fruit which is renowned for its richness in vitamin C, an antioxidant essential for its role in the body’s immune function. 

Shapetime™ Kiwi Frozen Dessert (3s Pack), recommended selling price at S$9.90

If you fancy the sweet and sultry flavour of mango, have a go at the Shapetime™ Mango Frozen Dessert sorbet (74 kcal). Its exotic burst of flavour promises an energizing zing to the taste buds, any time of the day.

Shapetime™ Mango Frozen Dessert (3s Pack), recommended selling price at S$9.90

Finally, the distinctively piquant flavour of the summer fruit raspberry will appeal to those who like their sorbet treat both tart and sweet. The Shapetime™ Raspberry Frozen Dessert sorbet (77 kcal) in all of its pureed wholesomeness is swoon-worthy with every bite.

Shapetime™ Raspberry Frozen Dessert (3s Pack), recommended selling price at S$9.90

Shapetime™ Assorted Frozen Dessert (3s Pack) is also available consisting of 1x Kiwi, 1x Mango and 1x Raspberry, recommended selling price at S$9.90. 

Shapetime™ is exclusive to Cold Storage.

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