Interview with RIA 897’s Fadli Kamsani on Parenthood, Work-Life Balance and Life as a Radio DJ

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Fadli Kamsani, is currently a DJ at Mediacorp’s RIA 897 radio station, embarked on his journey in the entertainment industry after winning third place in the 2016 edition of Mediacorp Suria’s reality competition, Anugerah Skrin.

Fadli ventured into acting shortly after his win, marking his debut with the TV series “11 Oktober.” Subsequently, he ventured into hosting, where he spearheaded the travelogue show “Jasa Aktivis.” This program documented the inspiring exploits of eight social activists across Asia as they engaged in impactful activities aimed at creating a better world. The excellence of “Jasa Aktivis” was recognised when it was awarded the Silver World Medal in the Human Concerns Category at the 2019 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards. Concurrently, Fadli earned a nomination for Best Host (InfoEd) for his work on “Misi Wira Bahasa” by Elements Pictures at the 2019 Pesta Perdana awards. His hosting prowess extended to the popular lifestyle info-ed program “Manja,” which enjoyed a successful three-season run. In a significant development in 2022, Fadli ventured into the realm of English drama with “Adulting,” a groundbreaking interactive drama tailored for young adults.

Beyond his entertainment career, Fadli has also actively collaborated with various government campaigns such as HPB iQuit and MCCY. His multifaceted talents extend into the Malay Arts scene, where he plays an active role in Malay dance, silat (a traditional martial art), and kompang (a traditional Malay hand-drum).

Our Parenting World Media (OPW Media) editorial team spoke to Fadli Kamsani, where he shared his experiences of welcoming his newborn daughter last month while also managing toddlerhood. He discussed how he balances the needs of his newborn with those of his one-year-old son, who was born in January 2022, and how he juggles between family and work, among other topics. Read on to find out more.

Interview with RIA 897’s Fadli Kamsani

1. Congratulations on the arrival of your daughter! Can you tell us how you’ve been managing the responsibilities of caring for a newborn while also tending to your one-year-old son?

Fadli Kamsani: It has been an experience thus far, both satisfying and challenging. Every day happens to be a new learning journey for both me and my wife, Ainin. We decided that we would go into parenting by taking it one moment at a time, and I feel that having such a mindset really helped us in managing our overall expectations.

2. You’re not only a parent but also a prominent figure at RIA 897. Can you tell us about your role and responsibilities at the radio station and how you got started in this career?

Fadli Kamsani: I’m currently a Producer-Presenter at RIA 897. Aside from helming my daily radio show, another major role that I have at the station is to ensure that all the commercials are in order, day to day. As to how I got started, I was talent scouted following my appearance on a reality TV competition, Anugerah Skrin. We were challenged and judged based on our acting & hosting capabilities, and fast forward to the finals, I managed to clinch 2nd runner-up. In all honesty, I had no intentions to make this a career, what more being a Radio DJ. So right after the competition, most of the projects that I was involved were skewed towards hosting & back then, I wasn’t that fluent in my command of the Malay language. When the golden email came, however, I knew that the one platform that could help better my language was none other than Radio, and so I jumped on the opportunity.

3. Balancing a demanding job in the entertainment industry with family life can be challenging. Could you share some insights into how you manage your work schedule alongside your family responsibilities?

Fadli Kamsani: Aside from my daily radio show, I host events, corporate functions, TV shows, weddings & also some acting whenever my schedule permits. In terms of balancing both work & family, I made sure from the start to never let them conflict; and to always give my fullest attention & focus to whichever was in front of me at the moment. So whenever I get the chance to be with my family, even for a short meal, I ensure that I make it worthwhile.

4. Parenthood often comes with unexpected surprises. What have been some unexpected challenges or joys you’ve encountered with your daughter and son?

Fadli Kamsani: The biggest challenge till date would be ensuring that I give my undivided attention & love to both. The biggest joy would be seeing their milestones. The feeling is just priceless.

5. Parenting can be physically and emotionally demanding. How do you and your partner share the responsibilities and support each other in taking care of your children?

Fadli Kamsani:  I think both of us are proactive when it comes to this. We both agree on the importance of communication, and that that there’s no such thing as this chore is to be done by only this parent. We try our level best to be on the same page every single time and ensure that we recognize one’s effort. Knowing our love language is also key as this sets the tone in everything that we do.

6. Has your experience as a radio personality influenced your parenting style or vice versa? Are there any lessons from your job that you apply to parenting?

Fadli Kamsani: I do get this a lot. For me, not really. Because as much as I try to be myself all the time, when it comes to parenting, it’s a totally different ball game. A different persona has to be instilled because my kids need to see me as their father first before a radio/TV personality.

7. Maintaining a work-life balance is crucial for overall well-being. What advice would you give to other parents who are trying to manage a demanding career and family life effectively?

Fadli Kamsani: I am a very simple person. I choose to believe that nothing’s impossible. Take one day at a time, be sure to live each moment. Only life experiences can teach you how to make better decisions for your own family. Yes, it might get tough along the way but there’s always a way out.

8. Can you describe some memorable moments or milestones you’ve experienced with your children recently?

Fadli Kamsani:  This would have to be the moment my firstborn finally acknowledged his younger sister by kissing her and wanting to do everything with his sister around. Whenever his sister cries, he’ll be the first to run & try to coax her. This was just too wholesome for me and my wife.

9. Lastly, in the midst of all the responsibilities, how do you find time for self-care and relaxation to ensure you’re well-rested and emotionally refreshed?

Fadli Kamsani: Before my kids wake up at about 7am, I’m already up roughly an hour before. I usually use this time to destress, make my coffee, relax & plan my day, be it on an off or working day. This routine helps to set my mind proper, ensuring that I channel the right mood and energy throughout the entire day.

Catch Fadli Kamsani on RiaKruz, he is currently hosting weekday belt RiaKruz from 5 pm to 9 pm


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