Introducing Funpack for National Day Parade 2016

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{National Day Parade 2016 Highlights}

This year’s National Day Parade (NDP) theme, “Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow”, calls for Singaporeans to work towards Singapore’s future as one people. Singaporeans attending this year National Day Parade 2016 can look out for the distinctively bold design Funpack. The Funpack comes in translucent skin and in the colours of our State Flag, red and white. It is lightweight, multifunctional, waterproof and durable to encourage users to use it after the NDP as a sling bag or a haversack. Each Funpack will contain selected interactive items which aim to engage spectators before and during the show consists of LED wristband, handheld Singapore Flag, face tattoo, Singapore Scarf, souvenir magazine, flip fan, luggage tag, a bottle of Newater, a bottle of mineral water, Hello Panda biscuits, roasted peanuts, Khong Guan biscuits, Nin Jiom herbal candy, a wet napkin, dry tissue and others. It even comes with a litter bag for you to throw your rubbish away making it environmentally friendly and to keep litter at bay.  

Funpack for NDP 2016

A break from the previous years, this year, the Funpack will be placed on the spectators’ seats to ease the congestion at the funpack collection point. It will be easier and more convenient for the spectator to collect his/her funpack placed on the seat. 

Various engagement initiatives towards the National Day Parade on 9 August 2016 have been planned to encourage Singaporeans to celebrate and reflect on what it means to be Singaporean as well as what they would like to see in the future of Singapore. 

From July 23 till August 9 National Day, a mural combining more than 50,000 paintings by students and youths will be on display titled “Our Collective Dreams and Aspirations”. It is a digitally stitches artwork from students from 177 primary schools, 20 special schools and about 200 youths from Scape.

There is also a Pledge Card drawn by ex-television artiste Edmund Chen and special needs students from Pathlight School. It aims to encourage Singaporeans to similarly reflect on what it means to be Singaporean, articulate their commitment to the nation and share how they can put these into action to build our Singapore of tomorrow. This initiative serves to remind Singaporeans that nation-building is a continuous endeavour as we work to build our future together. The cards will be distributed to the spectators at the two preview shows and on National Day at the National Stadium. Public is encouraged to participate in this initiative by writing a message on the card and sharing it on their social media platforms. You can also participate in making your pledge to Singapore through the e-version of the Pledge Card which will be available on the NDPeeps App from 7 July 2016 onward. 

Singaporeans are encouraged to share their completed Pledge Cards on their personal social media platforms and/or NDP social platforms such as Facebook (, Instagram (@ndpeeps_2016) and Twitter(@NDPeeps), with the following hashtags: #NDP2016, #NDP2016theme, #NDP16, #NDP, #NDP2016Pledgecard. 


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