Introducing Johnson’s Three-Step Bedtime Routine for Baby and You

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Many parents are familiar with the popular brand name Johnsons and Johnsons! Most of us, parents, would have brought Johnsons and Johnsons’ products for our babies and children. Introducing Johnson’s Three-Step Bedtime Routine, with every new bundle of joy that joins the family, there are lots of wonderful moments although there can be challenges especially when trying to ensure both baby and parents get good and sufficient sleep.

As the leading skincare brand, Johnson’s has advanced baby sleep research, helping moms with more than one billion baby bedtimes through research in nearly 20 countries. Johnson’s recognizes the critical role of sleep and has developed a three-step Bedtime Routine, incorporating healthy habits and the latest range of soothing Bedtime products that has been proven to help babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep up to an hour longer. 

Johnson Bedtime Routine

JOHNSON’S® is inviting parents to start and maintain its clinically proven three-step Bedtime Routine to engage the senses and help babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep up to an hour longer:

1. Warm Bath using JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME® Baby Wash: A bedtime routine, including a warm bath, helps baby know it’s time to sleep. The gentle and soothing NaturalCalm™ aromas featured in JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME® Baby Wash has been developed to calm baby in preparation for sleep.

Research has also shown that babies bathed with a fragranced bath product were more relaxed and spent nearly 25% less time crying before sleep, compared to those bathed with a non-fragranced product.

2. Gentle Massage using JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME® Baby Lotion: A massage, as part of a bedtime routine, can help baby sleep better. JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME® Baby Lotion also features NaturalCalm™ aromas developed to help soothe baby, and hydrating emollients that leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

Familiar and pleasant scents can make baby feel happy and relaxed and lead to better well-being by enhancing baby’s mood and emotions.

3. Quiet Time: The moments before bed are an opportunity to help baby wind down through quiet time activities, such as reading, singing or listening to music.

JOHNSON’S® recommends that parents try the Bedtime Routine for at least one week to discover its physical and emotional benefits.

Please click HERE for more information on Johnson’s Three-Step Bedtime Routine.


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