JomRun, Southeast Asia’s Leading Running App – Exclusive Interview with Chang Yi Hern, Founder and Managing Director of JomRun

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JomRun, Southeast Asia’s leading sports app is known for conducting reward based runs, partners with Nickelodeon and Animation International bringing thematic virtual fun runs to Singapore. Through the Crayon Shinchan, Garfield, and Spongebob Squarepants thematic runs, JomRun hopes to bring newbies as well as seasoned runners together. Runners can look forward to winning a wide array of limited edition merchandise after completing enjoyable runs with family and friends.

Our Parenting World Media editorial team speaks to Chang Yi Hern, Founder and Managing Director of JomRun where he shares about what inspired him to set up JomRun, key highlights that runners can experience when using JomRun and more.

Exclusive Interview with Chang Yi Hern, Founder and Managing Director of JomRun

1. Please share with us more about your background, what inspired you and made you decide to come up with a Running App?

Chang Yi Hern: I used to be an avid runner myself during high school time. The idea of building a running app struck me when I was in my second year in Oxford University. Back then, Pokemon GO released and people started to run or walk after that. So, I thought it would be a good idea to start something that can encourage more people to run as well as maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

2. How do you come up with the name and concept for JomRun?

Chang Yi Hern: The word “jom” is common colloquial term for ‘Let’s go’, that’s why I named the app JomRun. To encourage more people to run, JomRun was started as an app to allow people to collect points and receive rewards by running.

3. What are the challenges you have faced in setting up JomRun and how do you overcome them?

Chang Yi Hern: At first, it was hard for me to close deals with potential partners and collaborators because of my lack of business acumen. The adults wouldn’t take me seriously as I was at the age of a fresh graduate.

However, l made an effort to wake up every morning at 3AM to make cold-calls to companies in Malaysia. After two months, I finally closed my very first deal. 

Chang Yi Hern and JomRun team

All images credit to Chang Yi Hern and JomRun

4. What implementation and or changes have you made to make JomRun, the running app a better and more attractive app for users to sign up for the virtual runs during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Chang Yi Hern: Looking at the covid-19 situation, we knew that physical running event would not be happen for the next one year. Hence, we have ventured into virtual run and make JomRun a more virtual-run friendly app. This includes to allow user to submit their result directly in the app and use JomRun app to complete their virtual run.

5. How do you select the various brands for the Virtual Runs Series to be featured in JomRun and bring them to Singapore?

Chang Yi Hern: To bring a better experience to the users, we are very selective when it comes to virtual run organizer. For Singapore market, we are planning to bring in more IP licensed virtual run as well as interesting event that is being organized by reputable organizer.

6. What are some of the key highlights that runners can experience when using JomRun?

Chang Yi Hern: Runners will be able to have a user-friendly customer journey when they join events with JomRun. From registration, running, result submission to the parcel tracking stage, basically they can rely on JomRun app throughout the whole process.

7. What’s your upcoming plan for JomRun in 2022?

Chang Yi Hern: In 2022, JomRun is planning to bring in more interesting events and continuously inspire a healthy lifestyle in Southeast Asia.

8. Lastly, what would you like to say to our readers who are looking forward to sign up and use JomRun? What can they expect and look out for?

Chang Yi Hern: We are more than happy to be with you in your fitness journey! Stay tuned as we will continue to work on improving the user experience and bringing in more exciting events!

JomRun, a mobile app founded in 2018 works towards building a platform that engages the fitness community, and to promote a quality lifestyle. Despite the pandemic, JomRun is staying true to its core mission in keeping it’s over 2 million registered users across Southeast Asia fit and active by leveraging technology and digitalisation through virtual runs. Envisioned to impact the lives of more than 100 million people across the region in the next 10 years, JomRun aims to make it seamless for people to lead a healthy physical and mental lifestyle. 

To sign up and participate for the runs, simply download and register on the JomRun app available on Apple AppStore and Google Play. Public can sign up for the virtual run of their choice, pick the distance category and choose the entitlements. Activate the JomRun app tracker and run to receive those limited-edition goodies. Running results will be automatically recorded and the entitlements will be posted after the running period.

To find out more about JomRun, please visit 


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