JOYRE TCMedi Spa Introduces Signature Therapies to Achieve Total Wellness from the Inside Out

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JOYRE TCMedi Spa (家乐美容), founded by Ms Queenie Yang Rong in 1998, was previously known as Jia Le Beauty Pte Ltd. Its expertise lies with combining Traditional Chinese and Western medicine with modern beauty spa treatments, introducing new health assessment machines using the latest biomedical technology from Germany. It is now one of the fastest growing wellness providers in Singapore with a chain of 18 outlets in Singapore. 

Ms Queenie Yang Rong graduated with a Degree in Traditional Healing and when she first came to Singapore, she realised that many Asian faced similar health issues and wanted to help them resolve by getting to the root of the problems. Her spa chain focuses on eco-beauty and a methodology of total wellness using its own range of in-house health and beauty products that treat the body from within, She has also constantly been engaging with experts in the field to stay updated with the latest healthcare solutions covering cancer prevention and other potential health problems. 

With a Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA), Ms Yang is able to set up her own chain of spas offering beauty services, distributing prominent skincare brands and offering high-quality training courses. The Chinese name of her business Jia Le comes from her vision that when one is happy and well, so will their family.

JOYRE TCMedi Spa introduces the new Medtech Machines to complement ancient healing methods for personalised treatment options for its advanced biomedical therapy. The Health Risk Test (HRT) uses German aerospace technology to evaluate the overall internal health of the customer accurately, quickly and safely: in three minutes, it measures the body’s nine constituents; in five minutes, it provides a full-body health analysis with an accuracy of 96% and even predicts 100% of potential health risks.

Another highly-advanced machine is the Ion Cell Seismic Frequency Instrument that complements conventional TCM diagnosis methods to create a potent suite of treatments especially useful for city dwellers. 

The “3-in-3 Bath”, also known as the TCM Herbal Spa – a special herbal bath made up of more than 100 different types of herbs concocted from an ancestral recipe from a thousand years ago is one of JOYRE TCMedi Spa’s most popular TCM treatments. The herbal bath follows a three-step process that rids the body of accumulated toxins and improves blood circulation in the entire body: the first step involves eliminating wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, and fire in the body; the second soak balances organ health through the absorption of nutrients via the skin and expelling toxins through opened pores; the last step completes the bath with a royal palace-like experience, replenishing the body with nutrients and ‘Qi’. 

JOYRE TCMedi Spa recently opens its latest outlet in the revamped Funan Mall for even more TCM healing options. Try out its “3-in-3 Bath” (TCM Herbal Spa), experience its moxibustion treatment where dried Moxa leaves are burned at specific acupoints to stimulate blood circulation and treat ailments such as joint pain, infertility and menstrual cramps and other services that will help to regulate your health and to achieve total wellness from the inside out. 


107 North Bridge Road #B1-13 Funan

Singapore 179105

To find out more about JOYRE TCMedia Spa, its services and outlets location, please visit


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