k-Grain Launches Kefir Probiotics in Singapore to Boost Gut Health and Immunity

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k-Grain has launched its Kefir Probiotics product in Singapore recently to boost gut health and immunity. Kefir the cultured, fermented milk drink is known to offer numerous health benefits. It is loaded with protein, minerals, vitamins and high in probiotics. It consists of fresh healthy bacteria and cultured yeast that is good for your gut. Certain probiotics in kefir are believed to protect against infections. Kefiran, a type of carbohydrate present in kefir also has antibacterial properties. Kefir is known to promote better skin, improved bone health and help in weight control.

Our gut contains 70% of the cells in our immune system and the effectiveness of our immune system depends on a healthy gut to provide proper nourishment. k-Grain Kefir Probiotics contains 3 trillion probiotics in one sachet. It consists of active kefir cultures and is scientifically formulated in Japan with up to 61 strains of beneficial microbes to encourage optimal health and well-being. 

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k-Grain Kefir Probiotics is 100% customisable and easy to make. It is sugar free and suitable for vegetarians as well as lactose intolerant consumers with the use of non-dairy milk like soy or almond.

k-Grain Kefir Probiotics is made from legitimate kefir grains originating in Caucasus, Russia and is in an exclusive partnership with a Russian corporation. It is manufactured only in Japan for 30 years and the manufacturer has one of the world’s most comprehensive research data on kefir with studies still being conducted. It is a safe and trusted brand with years of experience and extensive background.

k-Grain Kefir Probiotics has been tested in a string of clinical studies on humans as well as animals with reported results of improved bowel movement and immunity protection to anti-cancer and anti-diabetic properties. The product is safe and suitable for babies, children and pets as well.

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For more details, recipe ideas and demos on Kefir Probiotics, please visit its Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/KefirProbioticsSingapore 



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