Keep Your Laundry Soft, Clean, and Bacteria-Free with Comfort and Persil

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Keep your family safe with lasting germ protection on your fabrics with the new Comfort Ultra Anti-Bac Fabric Softener and Persil Anti Bacterial Liquid Detergent.

Comfort Ultra Anti-Bac Fabric Softener at 1.5L; S$7.95 keeps your laundry soft, fresh-smelling, and bacteria-free. Not only does this fabric softener make your newly-washed clothes and sheets smell heavenly with its crisp light mix of Tea Tree oil and Yuzu extracts. It also protects your clothing’s fibres from overstretching and keeps them oh-so-soft. 

This concentrated fabric softener delivers lasting germ protection on your fabrics while keeping it extra soft and fresh with an uplifting scent.

• Uplifting freshness with tea tree oil and yuzu extracts
• 99.9% Anti-bacterial for lasting germ protection
• Protects fabric from malodors like food, smoke,
pollution, sweat and mustiness
• Amazing softness and fabric shape retention
• Anti-wrinkle for easier ironing
• Dermatologically tested to be gentle on skin

Comfort Ultra Anti-Bac Fabric Softener is now available at Cold Storage, Giant, NTUC FairPrice, Redmart, Shengsiong and Watsons Online store.

The Persil Anti Bacterial Liquid Detergent boasts a powerful stain removal formula and is also recognised as the ‘Front Load Expert’. It is widely recommended by machine manufacturers for front load washing machines due to its low-sud formulation, specially made to deliver care to you, your clothes, and your machine. 

Say goodbye to stubborn stains and keep your clothes in good shape with the power of Persil. Persil’s full range of laundry detergents include the Persil Anti-Bacterial Liquid Detergent, Persil Superior Clothes Care Detergent, and Persil Sensitive Liquid Detergent. Products details as follows: 

The full range of Persil Liquid Detergent is now available in all leading supermarkets and online shopping platforms.

Now you can keep your family safe with lasting germ protection on your fabrics with the new Comfort Ultra Anti-Bac Fabric Softener and Persil Anti Bacterial Liquid Detergent! 


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