KidZania Singapore Reopens on 16 May with a Record Number of Partners and Exciting Innovations

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KidZania Singapore, the premier interactive edutainment located at Sentosa, is set to welcome visitors in 16 May 2024. Following an intensive 10-month renovation and collaboration period, now under the new management of the Sim Leisure Group, this highly anticipated reopening marks the dawn of a new era for the facility. Amidst the buzz of anticipation, KidZania Singapore promises a vibrant array of new experiences alongside well-loved favourite, ensuring an unforgettable adventure for all who step through its doors.

KidZania Singapore’s reopening marks a significant milestone with a record number of 41 branded establishments and spanning an impressive 7,600 square meters across two levels, the facility offers a rich variety of international brands, regional market leaders, and beloved local favourites. Among the esteemed lineup are Malaysia Airlines, CIMB Singapore, Shopee, and global fashion icon H&M. Noteworthy local brands such as Irvin’s Salted Egg Chips, The Intan Peranakan Museum, The Straits Times, MediaCorp Studios and more further enrich the diverse offerings, ensuring an engaging experience for visitors of all ages. 

The reopening also sees the return of esteemed partners such as the Singapore Police Force (SPF), Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), Yakult, and Kiss92FM. Additionally, visitors can engage in role-plays centered around mental health, nutrition, and environmental sustainability, enriching their experience further.

Datin Silviya Georgieva, Executive Director, Sim Leisure Group, expressed excitement about the reopening: “We are thrilled to reopen KidZania Singapore with an expanded line-up of partners and role-play experiences. Our goal is to provide children with an immersive learning environment where they can explore various professions, develop essential life skills, and have fun while doing so.”

Image credit to Datin Silviya Georgieva, Sim Leisure Group

We spoke to Datin Silviya Georgieva where we gained insights into the meticulous process of selecting partner brands and the vision driving the transformation of KidZania Singapore into a hub for immersive learning experiences.

1) Could you elaborate on the distinctive challenges you faced in selecting the brands? What criteria guided your choices, and how do you believe these selections will enhance the learning journey for visitors to KidZania?

Datin Silviya Georgieva (DSG): Selecting the right brands for KidZania Singapore posed several distinctive challenges. We are immensely proud of the array of popular partners we’ve secured, each sharing our vision and dedication to providing enriching activities and role-plays for children. Rebuilding confidence following the sudden closure was no small feat. However, I’ve been heartened by the overwhelming awareness and popularity of KidZania among Singaporeans. Drawing on our extensive experience in the theme park industry since 1993, along with a highly professional management team, we’ve navigated these challenges with determination. Our success in revitalizing KidZania Kuala Lumpur within seven months underscores our track record and commitment. With the unwavering support of our team, we’ve garnered the trust and enthusiasm of our partners, both international and local. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations that will further enhance the KidZania experience for all visitors.

2) As KidZania prepares to reopen, how are you addressing the age range of children you aim to attract, given that it has been a popular destination for children of various ages?

DSG: KidZania caters to a wide age range, spanning from one to 17 years old. We have dedicated areas for toddlers, catering to children below four years old. Additionally, the majority of activities are designed for children aged four and above, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all age groups.

3) With such a diverse range of partners and activities at KidZania, how do you ensure that children have the opportunity to explore various role-plays and engage in a wide array of experiences?

DSG: I’m delighted with the array of partners we’ve welcomed to KidZania. From the ever-popular firefighters and policemen to esteemed brands like H&M and Sastana, our offerings cater to diverse interests. With the introduction of sustainable activities in KidZania 5.0, I take immense pride in the range of experiences available. While I can’t single out one favourite activity, I strongly believe in allowing children to explore multiple role-plays to discover their passions. While we guide and teach them, ultimately, it’s their interests that drive their experiences. Witnessing their joy and enthusiasm is truly rewarding for us.

4) Given that many parents in Singapore may have visited the KidZania branch in Kuala Lumpur, could you provide insights into the differences and similarities between the KidZania experiences in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur?

DSG: Indeed, the KidZania concept remains consistent worldwide. However, what sets each location apart are the purpose partners and the variety of role-plays offered. This distinction is particularly notable in Malaysia, where KidZania has its own local branch. Each site complements the other, offering unique experiences tailored to their respective regions. As Singaporeans increasingly venture to Kuala Lumpur, they seek out experiences not found in their local KidZania. Some noteworthy differences include the presence of local Malaysian brands like Baskin Robbins and Every Sunday, alongside international partners such as Antica and Yaya Yaya.

5) Could you elaborate on any special features that are currently available at KidZania to enhance the visitor experience?

DSG: Certainly, at KidZania, we’ve introduced a unique ticketing system aimed at enhancing visitor experience. By purchasing tickets online, visitors can enjoy various benefits, including streamlined entry processes and minimized queues. Once tickets are purchased online, they are linked to our ticketing system and activities, allowing for seamless entry upon arrival. Additionally, our system allows for re-entry into the park, providing families with the flexibility to explore other attractions outside KidZania if desired, before returning to continue their experience. This ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable visit for all our guests.

6) Lastly, what you like to say to our readers who are eagerly looking forward to visit KidZania? 

DSG: I am very excited about the upcoming reopening and the opportunities it brings. Despite the challenges, nothing beats the joy of seeing happy children and families enjoying themselves at the park. We extend a warm welcome to all Singaporean families and look forward to providing them with a memorable experience at KidZania. Thank you! 

With Datin Silviya Georgieva’s insights, it’s evident that KidZania Singapore is poised to offer an unparalleled learning and entertainment experience for children and families alike. As the countdown begins for the grand reopening on May 16, 2024, families are encouraged to embark on this enriching journey at KidZania Singapore, where fun and learning seamlessly intertwine.

Image credit to KidZania Singapore

[Entry details and 50% off Promocode] Entry to KidZania Singapore will be facilitated through biometric scanning, simplifying the process for visitors who have purchased tickets online.

In keeping with ESG initiatives, KidZania Singapore will implement an online dynamic pricing system upon reopening. Ticket prices start from SGD41 and vary according to age group. Visitors are encouraged to purchase tickets at from 13 May 2024. Use the Grand Re-opening Promocode, KZ1605 and a 50% discount will be applicable to all tickets purchased from 13 May for visits up to 31 May 2024.


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