Marvellous Mammals: A Wild A to Z of Southeast Asia

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Marvellous Mammals: A Wild A to Z of Southeast Asia, the new illustrated book is published by Difference Engine. This beautifully illustrated alphabet book for children and adults alike is the first alphabet book to feature the mammals of Southeast Asia, Marvellous Mammals is researched and written by expert wildlife ecologist Debby Ng, with art by well-known local illustrator Darel Seow. Over two years in the making, it boasts full-colour illustrated spreads of mammals native to the region that both kids and adults will love.

The hardcover book features crowd-favourites such as the Orangutan and the Pangolin, as well as lesser known animals like the Annamite Striped Rabbit, an elusive jungle rabbit that lives in the mountains of Laos and Vietnam, and the Xoong Xor, a shy mammal that has been nicknamed the “Asian Unicorn” by some scientists.

Difference Engine hopes that Marvellous Mammals will be able to inspire children and adults to appreciate the diverse wildlife that live in our neighbourhoods. 

Marvellous Mammals: A Wild A to Z of Southeast Asia is a delightful, colourful, easy to read book that comes with descriptions, facts and beautiful illustrations about unique mammals’ habitats, behaviours, food choices, and their relationship with humans. Readers can have a better understanding about the mammals. What’s more, besides mammals, readers can also find out more about the forests of Southeast Asia and what’s make its residents so special, and how humans can help protect the flora and fauna of the region. It is an interesting book that is both educational and entertaining for children and adults. 

Marvellous Mammals: A Wild A to Z of Southeast Asia will be available in Singapore and Malaysia, in-stores and online. The book retails at $22.90 SGD without GST. Receive a free sticker sheet with every purchase of Marvellous Mammals! The book is available at 


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