MEATliquor presents its new $12 Kids’ Combos

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MEATliquor, a popular burger joint from London is well known for whipping up American style comfort food like burgers, chicken wings and cocktails. The Singapore’s burger outlet is the first out of London. It is a stylish and hipster place situated at the corner located at 99 Duxton Road. Besides being a good place to chill out after work, it also a family-friendly place for parents to bring their children to enjoy a good and affordable meal with its latest offering of the new $12 Kids’ Combos. 

MEATliquor 2

The decor at MEATliquor is filled with colourful neon lights, drawings of graffiti and edgy graphics all over. In the middle of the restaurant, there is the word “SIN” to represent SINgapore in luminous yellow. The kids were going round looking at the drawings and admiring the bright colourful lights. 

MEATliquor 3

It’s new $12 Kid’s Combo, you have a choice of a main course choose from cheese or chicken burger or hotdog accompanied by a side of either fries or veggie sticks and a drink, choose from a wide range of sodas or juice. Children can add on ice cream with toppings for an additional $3. 

MEATliquor will keep your kids occupied with a pack of Crayolas and colouring sheets while parents can relax and enjoy their burger meals. 

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We chose Cheeseburger, Hot Dog and accompanied with fries for Kids’ Combos. The serving size is huge for each meal and with plenty of fries at the side. The Cheeseburger is actually the kid’s version of MEATliquor’s best-selling Cheeseburger featuring 100% USDA Prime Angus Beef. It is coupled with juicy beef patty and melted cheese contained within 2 soft fluffy golden buns. The hot dog using smoked beef frank for its meat is well seasoned and every bite is chewy and flavourful. 

MEATliquor 8MEATliquor has a wide selection of drinks, try out its Pina Colada ($19) with white rum, pineapple, lime, burnt coconut meringue. Its presentation is cute with the burnt coconut meringue and it is a delightful sweet drink that is pleasant on the throat especially suitable for ladies. 

MEATliquor 7

At MEATliquor, it is very interesting to see all the things we ordered come together in a huge tray for the adults. It makes it easier for us to eat and share the food together. We ordered the classic Dead Hippie ($22). This signature burger at  MEATliquor is huge consisting of 2 x mustard-fried beef patties with its own dead hippie sauce topped with lettuce, cheese, pickles and minced white onions.

Next HDB Tower Burger ($21), this is definitely so Singaporean, a local style burger with the name “HDB” (Housing and Development Board). It consists of fried chicken fillet which is crunchy on the outside topped with cheese, hash brown, jalapeño, slaw and Russian dressing. Finally, Monkey Fingers ($18), we were curious, what is this dish? It is battered marinated fillets of chicken covered with its house-made hot pepper sauce, served with blue cheese dip.

Bring your family and kids to this popular hip burger joint from London and kids can get to enjoy the $12 Kids’ Combos from now onwards!

Additional Information

Other new things at MEATliquor: 

  • All-new opening hours – 7 days, lunch (11.30am – 2.30pm) and dinner (5pm onwards)
  • Lunch Combo at $20 (any burger + fries + drink)

Lighter offerings including salads and seafood appetiser 

Venue: MEATliquor, 99 Duxton Road 

Tel: +65 6221 5343

MEATliquor is now taking reservations on Chope.

Visit or like MEATliquor’s Facebook or Instagram for latest news and promotions.


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