{Media Invite} Gor Gor at The Arts House and Asian Civilisations Museum

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Before we went for our vacation, what’s up with Gor Gor and Di Di?

Gor Gor was invited to The Arts House to watch a musical called The Mouse Daughter’s Marriage.
Gor Gor at The Arts House
The stage and the cast of the performance
The performance was a vibrant and interesting showcase of traditional Chinese art forms, the whole performance is a light comedy couple with martial arts.
It was quite interesting for Gor Gor as this is the first time he watched such an unique performances and he enjoyed it very much.
It is also good for him to learn more about the Chinese culture.
After the performance, we went to Asian Civilisations Museum which happens to have free entry for all visitors. 
Gor Gor at the entrance of the Museum
Gor Gor is very excited as this is his first time to the Museum
One of the major exhibits of the Museum is “The Tang Shipwreck: Gold and Ceramics from 9th-century China”.
From the website, it stated that “The exhibition features more than 130 highlights from this extraordinary shipwreck cargo. Chinese ceramics include exquisite white ware from the Xing kilns of Hebei province, 70 Changsha bowls from the over 55,000 found, and the earliest examples of complete Chinese blue-and-white ceramics known. An exquisite gold cup and a silver wine flask, the first of their kind found outside China, are also on display. The many superb objects are testament to the artistry of Tang craftsmen, who expertly adapted their wares to suit the tastes of foreign markets as far away as present-da Iraq.”

A huge collection of treasures that were discovered

Even gold objects were found

What a beautiful gold ornament!

The Museum is quite big and has several exhibits like Singapore River, Southeast Asia, West Asia, China and South Asia. You can spend several hours exploring all parts and learning the rich cultures and history of each part of the world. It will be a good place to bring your children to spend a meaningful day.
Look at all these beautiful precious porcelains
Gor Gor is learning Chinese painting and Calligraphy in School. He enjoys looking at the exhibits.
Please click this website for the latest admission charges to the Museum.

Here, we would like to thank The Arts House for inviting us to the play.


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