{Media Invite} Rise & Shine Carnival

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Today is an exciting day, we are going to Rise & Shine Carnival. As we are the ambassador and partner blogger of Rise & Shine, we are invited to attend the event.

Rise & Shine organises the largest carnival for babies and young children. Its goal is to set the record for the largest breakfast picnic turnout in the Singapore Book of Records.

Jan13 179

We are at the Rise & Shine Carnival.

Jan13 102Jan13 101

The response is so good, look at the turn out! Gor Gor exclaimed, so many families having breakfast at the lawn together.

Jan13 177

Apples and mineral water are available for all.

Jan13 173 Jan13 152

Play area for the kids are so popular.

Jan13 104Jan13 105Jan13 110Jan13 111

Di Di having fun trying out the bicycle at the booth. He likes it so much. The nice gentleman at the booth help Di Di with the bicycle and bring him around.

Jan13 121Jan13 126

Di Di decides that he wants to ride on his own without any help. Mommy, I can do it!

Some highlights at the carnival:

Jan13 135 Jan13 138

Gor Gor and Di Di taking pictures at the Scott’s Booth holding the No.1 Champion sign.

Jan13 159 Jan13 162

They both went to try out the Spin a wheel at AIA Booth.

Jan13 168Jan13 141

There are lots of performances on stage to keep us occupied. Gor Gor posing with the performers.

We have a good time, thank you to the kind and lovely people from Rise & Shine for inviting us to this event.





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