{Media Invite} SAFRA Toa Payoh Open House

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Thanks to Omy.sg and SAFRA, we were invited to its Open House on the 28 October 2012. Gor Gor is very excited after we told him that  SAFRA is a recreation clubhouse for NSmen. He enjoyed watching the documentary Every Singaporean Son” on National Geographic Channel when it was shown last year. The documentary followed 15 young men from different backgrounds who came together to follow through the passage that every Singaporean son must experience, that is to survive the 9 weeks of Basic Military Training.

That reminded Mummy when she went for her antenatal check up for Di Di, our gynae jokingly congratulated us saying that we are going to contribute to the Singapore Armed Forces again. It is a Boy!
Both Gor Gor and Di Di will be going to SAFRA open house and they are looking forward to it. 

We are at SAFRA open house!
There are many activities going on that day for the kids. Most popular ones are the Arts and Crafts sessions. 

I am going to make my own Dream Catcher for my Arts and Crafts session.

This is the Arts and Crafts room where I will be going for my lessons, the room is so bright and spacious.

Gor Gor working hard on his artwork.

Di Di is working with younger children at the other side of the room. Di Di wondered “Gor Gor, how are you doing?”

“Mummy, how is Di Di doing?” “Shall we sit together?”

The boys are having fun doing Arts and Crafts together.

I have completed my artwork, is it nice?

After the class, the boys explored around the huge SAFRA Toa Payoh and coincidentally, Daddy met many of his friends who also brought their families along with them. We had a good catching up sessions with them. 

SAFRA Toa Payoh aims to be a one stop place with fun and learning activities all under one roof. They offer learning opportunities from children to adults. Please check their website for activities and courses available. 

It also offered a wide range of services and amenities from gym, swimming pool to dining experiences.

We are at SuperBowl.

This place is huge!

Look at the various swimming pools available, I would love to swim here.

Some highlights of the day, Gor Gor can’t take part as he is under-aged. Next time Gor Gor okay?

Zorball challenge, see who is the faster?

Gor Gor enjoying his candy floss.

The Open House is a success, there is a long queue, many people signed up to be a member. 

We are off to the next Arts and Crafts class registered for us, look how excited Di Di is?

The many faces of Happy Di Di 🙂

Gor Gor is happy too 🙂

We enjoy ourselves very much! Thanks to Omy.sg and SAFRA Toa Payoh for inviting us!

Di Di has a fun filled day and he is so tired that he falls asleep. Look, he is still holding onto his art piece even when he is sleeping.

SAFRA a place for NSmen!!

Look! This looks like a “fish” tank. You can see this creative looking tank at the carpark.

Gor Gor and Di Di will be visiting another SAFRA at Jurong soon as Gor Gor is invited to his friend’s birthday. Look out for our next post on celebrating birthday at SAFRA.

There are many perks and benefits being a SAFRA member and what’s more at a low rate. Please click this website to find out more. Have a fabulous time at SAFRA!


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  1. Hi, dropping here by chance….I enjoyed looking thru your well taken pics. Great looking kids you have, and they sure having fun too.
    I really miss Singapore….

    I remember once send a lady home home this area around 2am after a dinner and dance at the Mandarin Belvedere, and the Kasbah niteclub, I went round in circles trying to find my way to Bukit Timah.

    Have a great weekend, and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards,

  2. Hi Virginia, this looks like a super fun day! I’ve heard good things about Safra Toa Payoh too and I bet my girl will love all the art and craft sessions! Will check it out sometime! Thanks for sharing! =p