Minidesk Symphony : Stylish, Solid Wood Height-Adjustable Desk That Grows With Your Child


Nowadays, kids spend a lot of time on their desks studying and doing their homework especially now that students are doing more home-based learning (HBL). As parents, we would want to find the most comfortable and suitable desk for our kids to focus and study more productively. Following the success of Minidesk, the world’s first ever height-adjustable electric desk designed to grow together with your child by providing them the perfect posture at every phase of his childhood, the team from Minidesk introduces their new Minidesk Symphony.

The new Minidesk Symphony now comes with an all solid wood surface which is very elegant and sturdy, and it also has many different compartments that makes it practical. Their designer drew inspiration from the Omnidesk Wildwood collection, the Symphony has been replaced with Hevea Brasiliensis – the very same solid wood that is featured on the Omnidesk Wildwood Collection. 

In fact, solid wood is definitely more durable and resistant to scratches than the usual Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF) wood used in most of the other desks in the market.

One of the key reasons for using a height-adjustable study desk is children tend to grow up fast, and they would outgrow their desk if it is not height adjustable. If a child continues to use a study desk which is too low for him, it will cause him to have poor posture and may even cause long term posture problem for the child. This new Minidesk Symphony comes with an easy to use manual crank which your child can easily adjust to suit his height. This fully-height adjustable desk is versatile and can be used from preschool, to school-age and up. 

Another special feature of this desk is that it comes with tiltable work surface, it allows user to adjust the angle of the desktop so that your child can have the best ergonomic comfort. Instead of the usual flat surface, your child can tilt the desktop to a comfortable angle to bring the book nearer for easy reading, drawing and or writing. 

Other unique features of the desk include an integrated bookshelf, hands-free book holder, anti-slip ruler, side knob for hanging item, 2 storage containers, and a spacious functional pull-out drawer underneath the desk to put in your child’s stationery/accessories for easy storage to keep the desk neat and tidy. The surface of the table is scratch resistance and easy to clean. 

Minidesk Symphony’s Specification:

Desktop: 1200mm(L) x 680mm(W) x 180mm(H)
Drawer Dimension: 1076mm(L) x 354mm(W) x 32mm(D)
Desktop tilt Range: 0~60°
Bookshelf Left compartment: 360mm(L) x 233mm(W) x 116mm(H)
Bookshelf Right compartment: 763mm(L) x 233mm(W) x 176mm(H)
Book Holder: 222mm(L) x 121mm(W)
Height adjustable range: 540-806mm
Max load: 80 kg

Warranty Coverage:

5 years + 2 years (Redemption) on-site warranty
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Majority of the families in Singapore have more than one child, the Minidesk Symphony allows siblings to share the desk, if they are not studying at the same time as the fully-height adjustable function allows different child to use the desk at different timing by adjusting to suitable height for each child who uses the desk.

While there are various types of study desks for children in the market, we felt this Minidesk Symphony ticks all the right boxes for purchase, as it is height adjustable, big and spacious enough for a school kid to put their reading materials and stationery, has excellent ergonomics design with height adjustable, tilted work surface, durable solid wood and reasonable pricing.

Our kid enjoys using the Minidesk Symphony, he can easily adjust the table to suit his needs and there are lots of compartments available to put his study materials, personal objects and books. It helps to improve his posture and cultivate good study habits. This is one versatile, value for money study desk that parents should consider getting when looking for a suitable, good quality desk for their child to study effectively and comfortably.

Thus, the name Minidesk Symphony perfectly answers the need for your child to have a symphony at work and at play. This ideal desk with its unique function is what you child needs as a perfect study companion and also a flexible desk suitable for study and play. The new Minidesk Symphony is priced at $588.00. To find out more and to purchase the new Minidesk Symphony, please visit


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