Mission Foods Launches Wholemeal Protein and Salt Reduced Wraps, Elevating Your Healthy Lifestyle Journey

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In the pursuit of a well-rounded and health-conscious diet, finding the right balance between nutritional highs and lows becomes a priority. This December, Mission Foods, one of the world’s largest producer of wraps, is on a mission to help individuals in striking that delicate balance. Introducing a synthesis of essential components – providing the necessary high protein for the body’s needs while ensuring a reduced sodium content for overall well-being. This harmonious combination is realised through the introduction of two new additions to its existing Healthy Wraps Range – Wholemeal Protein Wraps and Wholemeal Salt Reduced Wraps! 

Responding to the surging health-conscious trend, consumers are becoming increasingly mindful of their dietary choices and exhibit a growing demand for plant-based protein products, Mission Foods is pleased to introduce these new offerings that resonate harmoniously with current consumer preferences.

Meticulously crafted to guide consumers toward a nutritionally balanced diet by simplifying healthier choices, the freshly launched all-new wholesome healthy wraps offer a convenient way for individuals to boost their protein intake. Simultaneously, these wraps help regulate sodium levels, catering to those on a journey towards a well-balanced and healthy diet.

Although protein is frequently linked to meat and seafood, individuals can diversify their protein intake by exploring alternative sources in their everyday staples. The Mission Wholemeal Protein Wraps, featuring plant-based proteins, offer an eco-friendly and high-protein alternative suitable for all consumers, including vegans and vegetarians. Embracing a high-protein diet contributes to improved metabolism, fortified bones, and muscle development. By incorporating the protein-rich Mission Wholemeal Protein Wraps into their meals and combining them with preferred ingredients, consumers can successfully elevate their protein intake and make steady strides towards a deliberate and health-conscious lifestyle.

In contrast, the Mission Wholemeal Salt Reduced Wraps distinguish themselves through a unique formulation, featuring a mere 134mg of sodium per wrap. This positions the wraps as an excellent selection for those aiming to adhere to a low-sodium diet, aligning with the health benefits associated with mitigating risks related to high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

The two latest additions to the healthy wraps lineup boasts high dietary fiber and are free of artificial flavours and added sugar, delivering pure wholesome goodness for consumers during their meals. With a soft, pliable texture and a luxurious mouthfeel, these wraps offer versatility for culinary innovation, enabling consumers to roll, fold, tear, bake, and experiment with various recipes to their satisfaction. Additionally, both wraps carry halal certification, showcasing the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and broadening the dietary choices available to consumers.

Mission Foods Singapore – #OnABalancedMission

L-R: Kimchicky Wraps and Mediterranean Tuna Samosas made by @thecharlottemei; Lemon Garlic Chicken Thigh Wraps and Chilli and Lime Prawn Soft Tacos made by @foongfamilyflat.

To celebrate the launch of the two new healthy wraps, Mission Foods Singapore is unveiling the #OnABalancedMission campaign, aimed at demonstrating how individuals can maintain a well-balanced lifestyle through mindful eating and healthy living. 

Mission Foods Singapore has teamed up with two social media personalities who embody the spirit of #OnABalancedMission, including Charlotte Mei (@thecharlottemei), a nutritionist and food host, and Angelina Poon (@foongfamilyflat), a home and fitness-focused social media personality. Through the collaboration, these personalities highlight the versatility of Mission Foods’ latest Wholemeal Protein Wrapsand Wholemeal Salt Reduced Wraps with their original and nutritious recipes, inspiring Singaporeans to embark on a journey towards healthy living.

The campaign features four innovative recipes, including Kimchicky Wraps, a probiotic-rich and nutritious wrap with a harmonious blend of spicy, savoury and tangy flavours; Mediterranean Tuna Samosa, where wraps serve as samosa shells, encasing a delightful medley of tuna, herbs and spices; Lemon Garlic Chicken Thigh Wraps, a hearty post work-out meal featuring tender chicken thighs marinated in zesty lemon and garlic; and Chilli and Lime Prawn Soft Tacos, where succulent prawns infused with lime and spices, topped with diced onions and tomatoes for a delightful, textured bite. These quick and healthy recipes exemplify Mission’s vision of redefining healthy eating and living, offering dishes that are both easy to prepare and delicious.

The all-new Wholemeal Protein Wraps and Wholemeal Salt Reduced Wraps will be available at all leading supermarkets in the bakery aisle from 1 December 2023.

For more information about Mission Foods, please visit its website.

All recipes and images credit to Mission Foods Singapore


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