Mums’ Space Summit from 12th-16th October Live!

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When was the last time you took “TIME OUT” just for you?

Take an hour or 3 off your regular routine from October 12-16 (Monday-Friday) 10am-1pm to SOAK in the carefully curated topics that are close to all our hearts, you don’t have to watch everything, just what matters to you.

Find your Clarity, Improve Relationships with your Spouse,

Bring up Resilient Children,

Feel Confident about your Body, or Enrich your Wealth.

“Mums’ Space Summit” brings together 42 different thought-leaders across Singapore on a single platform for the busy parent, covering 5 topics over 5 days from 12th-16th October live.

Our Parenting World is happy to be a supporter of “Mums’ Space Summit”. A ground-up initiative gathering 42 different experts to support families through Covid. There are 5 days with a different Daily theme, curated with YOU in mind! You’ll love it! We promise… 🙂

“Excessive Screen Time?”, “Why the Formative 0-6yrs are most Critical”, “Positive Parenting Strategies for 7-12yrs”, “How to be Your Teenager’s BFF”, “Your Body Can Heal Itself”, “Take Charge of Your Health Mums!” are just a few. Click here for the full programme.

When was the Last Time You Invested Time for YOU?
12th-16th October 2020
10am – 1pm

Register NOW for a Chance to Win Prizes when you watch LIVE Or, catch the replays of your favourite topics at your leisure. 

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