National Day Parade NDP 2017 Preview Tickets and Funpacks Giveaway!

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This is the moment that Singaporeans are waiting for!

Singapore is celebrating its 52nd birthday this year and National Day Parade (NDP) 2017 will be held at The Float @ Marina Bay. This year’s parade, audience can look forward to an engaging spectacle for Singaporeans, with highlights such as a Salute to the Nation by five Republic of Singapore Air Force F-15SG fighter aircraft, a special tribute to 50 years of National Service, two exhilarating Dynamic Defence Display segments as well as a Show segment featuring mass displays, special effects and active audience participation. It will be a spectacular show that everyone will enjoy and watch in pride as Singaporeans!

National Day Parade NDP 2017

If you haven’t been able to get your hands on the highly sought-after tickets to NDP 2017, here’s your opportunity to win the tickets and funpacks! 

NDP National Day Parade

All the above images credit to National Day Parade 2017

Good News! 

Thanks to NDP 2017! Our Parenting World as media partners with NDPeeps will be giving away NDP 2017 Preview Tickets and Funpacks to our valued readers!

We have a total FOUR lucky winners for this giveaway:

1st and 2nd Lucky Winners will receive 4 preview tickets (you will receive your funpacks at the show).

3rd and 4th Lucky Winners will receive 2 funpacks each.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

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Hurry, giveaway will close on 4 July 2017 at 23:59Hr. Winners will be announced through Website and Facebook.

Please ensure that Step 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are completed in order to qualify for the giveaway. 

Winners please kindly confirm your prize within 24 hours of announcement of your winning on our Website and Facebook page or another winner will have to be chosen. 

Thank you and Good Luck! 🙂

Giveaway Closed and Winners Announcement – 7 July 2017

Dear Valued Readers and Friends,

Thank you so much for your participation in the giveaway and sending your well wishes for Singapore’s birthday!

We are pleased to announce the lucky winners:

1) Irfan Ozil

2) Jennifer Chong Yun Ting

3) Pearlyn Neo 

4) Venicia Tay

Congratulations! Please also refer to Our Parenting World Facebook announcement. We will be contacting you for your prizes collection.

Thank you to our kind sponsors, NDP 2017 and NDPeeps for the fabulous prizes to our readers and friends.

Thank you to each and every one of you, please stay tuned to our coming giveaways! 🙂

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  1. Priscilla Quek on

    My wish for Singapore is for a deeper sense of tolerance of different races and vigilance in our current political climate. I believe if we can educate and share our values of tolerance and unity, our younger generations will have a safer and brighter future ahead. Blessed 52nd birthday Singapore!

  2. Happy 52nd birthday Singapore!! Hope to have a chance to bring my family to celebrate this awesome occasion together~

    Hope I can bring my family to celebrate Singapore Birthday together…;)

  4. Happy Birthday Singapore wish u have a great and peaceful year ahead. Love it lot.

  5. Adeline Tan huixiu on

    Happy blessed birthday Singapore. Wishing peace,prosperity and harmony.

  6. Vivian ongyean on

    Happy Birthday to Singapore , wish singapore stay peace , strong and one nation together with all SG multi Racial .

  7. Tan Ruoling, Joanna on

    Happy Birthday Singapore !
    May Singapore continue to enjoy peace and harmony !

  8. I wish that Singapore will always be a safe country and prosper in every aspect, continues to grow and develop in the correct path with strong leadership.

  9. Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore..
    May you be blessed with abundance of wealth and have a prosperity birthday bashed ever..
    Fb liana zaidi

  10. As we celebrate Singapore’s 52nd birthday, let me take a moment to wish Her many more years of prosperity, peace and harmony, and cheer with much jubilation: “Our nation’s future is so bright, I gotta wear shades!”

  11. Jessica Chia on

    Happy 52nd birthday Singapore! Wishing many more prosperous and peaceful years!

  12. Happy 52nd birthday!
    May Singapore continue to stay strong and peaceful for many years to come!

  13. Happy 52nd birthday, Singapore! Looking forward to the grand celebration with you on 9th August!

  14. Happy Birthday Singapore! I love you and wish you all the best for the new year!

  15. Neo Catherine on

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Singapore! Let’s have a great celebration on Aug 9 😀

  16. Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore !!! May Singapore stay prosperous and another 52 years ahead ! I hope to bring my daughter along because she is born on 9th August too!

  17. Liked both Facebook pages. Followed Instagram.
    Liked and shared post. Tagged 5 family/friends.
    Happy birthday Singapore. We never been to NDP and hope to win the tickets for this year which is our 10years anniversary. Thanks! 🙂

  18. Thank you again for organising this giveaway.

    A simple “H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y” in advance to my beautiful sunny island.
    With a little effort from all especially our pioneers (can’t forget Mr Lee Juan Yew), WE have emerged into a strong and stunning star!
    I wish this Nation and my darling National Baby girl a very happy birthday!
    S I N G A P O R E! Ohhhhhhhhhhh Singapore! Yeah!!!

  19. Happy Birthday, Singapore!! Always stay strong and healthy!!!

    FB: Andy Neo
    IG: gooners1975

  20. Happy Birthday Singapore! Thank you for being so awesome! May you remain safe and continue to prosper!

    FB: Pearlyn Neo
    IG: happi_pea

  21. Agustina leow on

    Fb: agu leow

    Happy Birthday Singapore! Wish Singapore stays prosperous and peaceful country that we can always proud of!

  22. I wish that the economy will ever be prosperous in the distant future and Singapore will continue to be a harmonious, diverse society where everyone of all ages , races and religion are able to dream their dreams and live life to the fullest!

    Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore, where my home is!

  23. Happy 52th Birthday, Singapore. Hereby, wishing you properous with peace and harmony in this uncertainty world and economy. We love you.

  24. Felicia Chan on

    Happy Birthday Singapore! Here’s wishing you continued stability and harmony within our population

  25. Happy 52th Birthday Singapore. We are proud to be called and labeled as Singaporean and would love to be witness and celebrate this together at the parade

  26. Celin cheang on

    Happy 52th Birthday Singapore!! May this little red dot continue to be safe and united as one always.

  27. I wish that Singapore can continue to have peace and prosperity, our economy continues to stay strong and competitive. Everyone can have opportunities to lead a good life and pursue their aspirations. All Singaporeans does embrace diversity and come together as one community, one people to achieve the extraordinary and strive for a better future for our future generations.

  28. My wish for Singapore is that I hope the country will continue have peace and also everyone can do a part to uphold security.
    Happy birthday Singapore continue to properous ~

  29. I wish Singapore a blessed 52th birthday! Living in this small red dot yet so prosperous and peaceful is a blessing to all Singaporeans! I hope Singapore will continue to shine globally and be safe at all times for our people and many generations to come ! Happy Birthday Singapore!

  30. Carrie Jingfang on

    Happy Birthday Singapore. Continue to stay peace and prosperity, Singapore. Let our children and future generations have a wonderful and safe home to stay.

  31. Happy 52th Birthday to my beloved own country Singapore! May our country blossom with prospects and wealth for the country! We love you, Singapore!

  32. Happy 52nd Birthday , my Home Singapore ! Continue to stay strong , safe & propserous ! This is Home truly where I know I must be ~ ~ ~

  33. Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore !!!!
    Hope this year can be my first year to celebrate Singapore’s birthday with my fellow singaporean live at NDP.

  34. Ivan Connell on

    Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore!
    May you continue to prosper and progress

  35. Happy Birthday my dearest little red dot! Thank you so much for striving to keep us safe. My wish for Singapore is to never give up on racial harmony and religious harmony ❤️❤️❤️❤️ And continue to grow older but wiser in everything for our country. I love you Singapore!!

    Ig: ning8184
    FB: Tan Eunice

  36. Happy Birthday Singapore! May Singapore continue to be safe and prosperous, and most of all, continue to be the Home Truly, where we know we must be!

    • Happy Birthday Singapore! May Singapore continue to be our safe, prosperous and happy home, and most of all, continue to be the Home Truly, where we know we must be! 🙂

      lg: gekpuey
      FB: Yvonne Ng

  37. Happy Birthday Singapore! May Singapore continue to be our safe, prosperous and happy home, and most of all, continue to be the Home Truly, where we know we must be! 🙂

    lg: gekpuey
    FB: Yvonne Ng

    • Karen yap miow keim on

      I like celebrate Singapore birthday with my first son Roderick and my hubby, I know my hubby from national day pa performance .Happy birthday to you Singapore my home sweet country…. I love you!!!

  38. Happy Birthday Singapore. May u always be a safe country to live in. I love you Singapore

  39. My wish for Singapore is for a peaceful and harmonious nation and for all Singaporeans to be healthy and blissful living together as one Singapore! Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore!

  40. Happy Birthday Singapore hope to win and bring my family to celebrate this special occasion of our country

  41. A lot have happened recently at home, regionally and globally. I am thankful for the many things that make Singapore a safe and quality home for my family and loved ones! Though we are a little red dot, it does not reflect our true might. Let’s continue to fight the challenges ahead and also celebrate our successes! I hope Singapore grows even stronger as one people, one nation and one Singapore!
    Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore!

  42. Weng Zuanyan on

    Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore!!
    May Singapore stay harmonious, safe in decades to come… may the people be united as one

  43. Wishing Singapore a very happy birthday and may she continues to prosper 🙂

  44. I wished Singapore a Happy 52th Birthday on this joyful occasion. May you prosper and advance with greater horizons. Majulah Singapura!

    IG: dy_ygr
    FB: Yeo Dgr

  45. Wong Oi Lin on

    Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore!
    Many more happy years for our beloved country and fellow Singaporeans to come!

  46. Happy Birthday Singapore! Stay forever graceful as a swan, Shine bright like the star whose glimmer will never be gone!

  47. Ngah Narciso Boon Kiat Amos on

    We are proud to call ourselves Singaporeans because at the end of the day, Singapore is our home where all our families & Friends is here . To admit that singapore is not perfect but together as one nation we can build the singapore of tomorrow. Happy 52th Birthday Singapore

  48. Happy 52nd Birthday to Singapore.! I wish for peace and harmony for Singapore. I wish our country will grow stronger and prosper in every aspect. I love Singapore and I’m proud to be a Singaporean.

  49. Christina Wadia on

    Best wishes to Singapore – celebrating 52nd Birthday. A great nation to be and I’m very proud of my country and want to say big thank you to the forefather of Singapore and many great leaders have built a great nation for us. We are very blessed to be living in Singapore, may God continues to bless and prosper Singapore!

  50. Mohamed Imran Khan on

    My wish for Singapore is a more united Singapore in spite of the global challenges(such as sluggish economic growth, geopolitical challenges and racial and religious discrimination) we face along the way. We must not let these challenges and differences divide us apart. As a nation, we must work on a comprehensive solution in solving these challenges altogether. Indeed, I sincerely hope for a greater and better Singapore tomorrow!

  51. I Wish Singapore a happy 52th Birthday.
    Wish Singapore Peace, Prosperity and Harmony

    Hope to be one of the lucky winners

    Thank you very much for this awesome giveaways

  52. Chong yun ting on

    Liked followed , tagged and shared to 5 friends
    My well wishes for singapore is I hope Singapore will continue to see many years of being a safe and prosperous home. One of the things I am most thankful for this SG52 is that previous generations have worked hard at providing us a wonderful home with a good quality of life. Singapore is my home and this is where I will always belong. Happy 52th birthday Singapore! It my birthday too . Hope to win

  53. Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore!!!
    Continue to be prosperous and a safe country! Proud to be a Singaporean and be united as one!

  54. Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore!!!!!
    Hope to win tickets for my family so we can celebrate live and bring my boy to watch the helicopters, songs performances and lights as I have not win any tickets throughout the years.

    As a Singaporean, I love Singapore for its uniqueness, food, peaceful and safe country!!!

  55. Lebrace Hong on

    I wish Singapore to become even more prominent in the world. Hope the small red dot remain attractive as shining jewel!

  56. Muhammad Irfan Bin Mohamed Noor on

    Happy Birthday Singapore ! I hope that you stay vibrant and exciting in the years to come ! My wish will be Singapore to continue to grow and be a better place for all Singaporeans ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Facebook Name : Irfan Ozil , IG Handle : @fanozil

  57. Happy Birthday Singapore, here wishing Singapore to continue to be a shiny red dot. Peace harmony and prosperity surround everyone living and working in Singapore!

  58. Loke Yen Ni on

    Every National Day marks a new life for Singapore. I wish a bright future for Singapore to continue to be prosperous, peace and harmony. Also, stay strong, clean and fun!
    Happy 52th Birthday Singapore!

  59. Teoh Thiam Lee on

    Happy birthday to singapore and Wish singapore stay peace and hope always are champion in the Seagame . Huat

  60. Yoong Soo kim on

    Wish singapore a better and strong for the future and welcome 2020 year . Happy birthday to singapore

  61. I wish Singapore to live as one people, one nation and a peaceful place to leave.

  62. Chee Kian tat on

    Wish singapore Happy Birthday and hope singapore every year stay peace and champion in the world .

  63. Tang Chee Loong on

    I wish Singapore to genuinely to love people in order for them to love our country.

  64. Christine boey on

    Happy Birthday Singapore!

    We will always keep out home safe and free. Always multi-racial and always tolerence to others. We are ONE BIG FAMILY in Singapore! Regardless of Race, languages and Religions! I love you Singapore.

    Hope I can bring my family to celebrate Singapore Birthday together…;)

  66. Pearlyn Woo on

    We love you! A small but safe and clean country!