NIOXIN’s Denser Hair Duo: Twice the Power and Density for Beautiful Hair

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NIOXIN’s new serum duo is designed to help address the daunting issues of hair thinning and hair loss, which can significantly impact our self-confidence. Whether it’s stress, postpartum changes, an inadequate diet, or the natural process of aging, combatting these challenges becomes more manageable with NIOXIN’s innovative solution for promoting hair growth and thickness.

About NIOXIN, the brand stands as the #1 leading premium brand, catering to consumers in search of reliable solutions for scalp health, hair loss, and hair growth concerns. With a holistic and scientifically-driven approach, NIOXIN defies hair loss by prioritising a healthy scalp. Their extensive range of care and styling products is meticulously crafted to address the unique needs of thinning and fine hair, resulting in the achievement of thicker, fuller hair. With over three decades of dedicated independent research and countless accolades in the USA, NIOXIN enjoys the status of being the most acclaimed brand for addressing thinning hair. Moreover, it garners the support and endorsement of the prestigious Institute of Trichologists, the foremost professional association dedicated to the study and science of hair worldwide. NIOXIN is available at leading Guardian retail stores, online stores; Lazada, Shopee and exclusive salon outlets.

Meet NIOXIN’s denser hair duo – the NEW Anti-Hair Loss Serum and Night Density Rescue Serum

Revolutionize your daytime hair care routine with the Anti-Hairloss Serum! Achieve a more voluminous appearance with the Anti-Hairloss Serum, with strengthened hair anchorage. Clinically proven to reduce hair loss by 20% in just 8 weeks, this dermatologically tested serum contains a powerful blend of effective ingredients that work to:

● Increase blood microcirculation
● Retain moisture in the hair
● Increase hair anchorage to the scalp
● Improve scalp condition via anti-oxidation
● Reduce hair fall

Key Ingredients:
Its antioxidant properties aid to support a healthy scalp barrier and boost blood microcirculation on the scalp.
Lauric Acid
The combination of caffeine and lauric acid enhances protection to the hair root, nourishes the hair follicles, and stimulates hair growth.

Regulates moisture in the scalp, strengthening the hair follicles

Directions for use:
Apply 12 to 15 pumps directly onto dry or damp scalp, massaging to distribute serum evenly. Use on dry or damp hair and do not rinse. Suitable for daily use and is recommended to be used in the day.
The Secret to Lush Locks with the Night Density Rescue Serum 

At night, pamper your hair for its well-deserved indulgence with the new Night Density Rescue Serum!

Dermatologically tested to boost hair density within 8 weeks, the Night Density Rescue Serum, minimises hair fall associated with scalp surface oxidation.

This powerhouse serum promotes thicker and fuller hair by:
● Supporting the cell reproduction process
● Protecting the scalp from oxidative stress
● Regenerating the scalp for the next day

Key Ingredients:

Vitamin E Acetate 
Combats oxidative damage on the scalp’s surface while providing vital moisture

Strengthens the scalp barrier and enhances blood microcirculation, promoting a healthier scalp.

Lauric Acid
The combination of caffeine and lauric acid enhances protection to the hair root, nourishes the hair follicles, and stimulates hair growth.

Passiflora Edulis Fruit Extract
Known for its antioxidant properties, it improves hair texture, leaving your hair shiny and healthy.

Referred to as Pro-Vitamin B5, deeply hydrates the hair and scalp and provides nourishment from within.

Boosts blood circulation to your scalp.

Directions for use:
Apply a few drops on your scalp directly, and massage to distribute evenly. Use on dry or damp scalp and do not rinse. It is recommended for daily use, to be used at night.

Unleash your hair’s full potential and experience the transformative power of NIOXIN’s denser hair duo – Anti-Hair Loss Serum, and Night Density Rescue Serum. Get yours today! 

NIOXIN Anti-Hair Loss Serum ($98 for 70ml) and Night Density Rescue Serum ($98 for 70ml) are available at selected salons:
99 Percent Hair Studio @ Haji Lane
40 Haji Ln, #01-01, Singapore 189233
99 Percent Hair Studio @ Kinex
11 Tanjong Katong Road, Kinex, #01-55/56, Singapore 437157
99 Percent Hair Studio @ Orchard
181 Orchard Rd, #04-10/11, Singapore 238896
Terms and conditions apply. While stocks last.


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