Nissin Cup Noodles Launches New Limited-Edition Collagen Hotpot Flavour from 2 April 2024

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Nissin Cup Noodles has officially launched its newest creation – the new Limited-Edition Collagen Hotpot Flavour, available starting April 2, 2024. This exciting addition pays tribute to the beloved hotpot version found in Singapore restaurants, offering a unique twist on instant noodle enjoyment. 

Now you can enjoy this new tasty offering with Nissin Cup Noodle’s FIRST Collagen Hotpot Flavour! Picture a steaming cup filled with the essence of a hotpot experience, conveniently packaged for on-the-go indulgence. With a rich chicken broth infused with the smooth and creamy texture of collagen, each sip offers a comforting and satisfying experience that is sure to warm your soul.

In Singapore, collagen hotpot has risen in popularity among diners for its sumptuous taste. Inspired by this well-loved dish, Nissin created the Collagen Hotpot flavour to titillate the palates of hotpot lovers with a delicious interpretation that can be prepared in under 3 minutes. Nissin Cup Noodles are packed with lots of ingredients so it is reminiscent of the various delectable ingredients that typically complement collagen hotpot! With each bite, you’ll experience the perfect blend of savoury broth, tender noodles, and an array of flavourful ingredients, bringing the essence of hotpot dining directly to you.

“Nissin is proud to whet the appetite of Singaporeans yet again with an innovative flavour inspired by the trendy cuisine – the collagen hotpot. This delectable product has been carefully formulated to deliver a similar taste and texture that is close to the original, which would bring smiles to those who relish collagen hotpot. And for those who are new to this dish, the Nissin Cup Noodle Collagen Hotpot flavour is a quick and gratifying way to discover a different hotpot variation,” enthused Mr Sakai Tatsuya, Managing Director of Nissin Foods Singapore.

The Collagen Hotpot flavour is a limited-run product that is not to be missed, available islandwide from 2 April 2024 at major supermarkets in Singapore. 


Rich, deeply flavoured chicken broth with a tinge of smooth & creamy collagen.


1.       Pull the lid back halfway and take out the collagen hotpot oil.

2.       Pour boiling water up to the inner line in the packaging.

3.       Close the lid for 3 minutes.

4.       Remove the lid, add collagen hotpot oil, stir well, and serve.


·       Available at major supermarkets and convenience stores islandwide from 2 April 2024.

·       Priced at $1.68 per cup. (Price may vary at the retailer’s discretion)

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