Omnidesk Launches Minidesk, Height-Adjustable Desk for Kids

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As parents, we would want to find the most suitable and comfortable study desk for our kids. Nowadays, most of the kids spend a lot of time on their desks to study and do their homework. Having the right table is important as it will allow them to focus better and increase their productivity. 

Finding the right study desk can be a challenge as kids grow up very quickly and they tend to outgrow their study table and parents would need to buy a higher table if their study table’s height cannot be adjusted. 

Now, with the introduction of Minidesk by Omnidesk, parents do not need to worry about finding a suitable table for their child. The Minidesk is the world’s first-ever height-adjustable electric kids desk designed to grow together with your child providing them with perfect posture at every phase of their childhood.

The desk features dedicated child-safe features such as a revised touch screen controller and a more delicate anti-collision system. It is very easy to operate, to adjust the height of the table, you can use the touchscreen height controller to adjust the table upwards or downwards, unlike some other height adjusted table which only uses manual adjustment. Electrical adjusted height table is certainly easier to use and more convenient. For the child’s safety, a specially formulated Formaldehyde-free powder coat has been applied on the tabletop and it is certified to be free of volatile organic compound (VOC). The Minidesk measures 1m in width and has a maximum load rating of 130kg. It is available in blue, pink, and white.

Additional Information:

Launch Promo Price: $689 (MSRP. $909)
Minidesk & Melody Bundle Promo Price: $839 (MSRP. $988)

Features of Minidesk:
• A child-safe touch screen controller
• Formaldehyde-free power coat
• Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Free

To pair up with the Minidesk for the child, you should also get Melody, which is an ergonomic chair specially designed for children, to provide your child with the optimal support so that they can be comfortable when studying or doing their school work. Melody comes with height-adjustable seat and lumbar support, removable and washable seat covers child-safe brakes, wide load-bearing base for optimum stability and child-proof swivel locks. 


Image Credit: Minidesk by Omnidesk

Additional Information:

Melody can only be purchased as part of a bundle and it cannot be sold separately. Minidesk & Melody Bundle Promo Price: $839 (MSRP. $988). Melody comes with cushion cover in blue or pink colour. 

Features of Melody:
• Height-adjustable seat and lumbar support
• Removable and washable seat covers
• Child-safe brakes
• Wide load-bearing base for optimum stability
• Child-proof swivel locks

Our kid loves his new desk, he enjoys studying and doing his work on it. If he is tired from sitting too long, he can raise the table to a standing height to read his books or do his work for a short period of time. This helps him to maintain a good and healthy posture while studying.

This awesome Minidesk comes with up to 7-years warranty and this is a great reassurance on the quality of the product. If you are looking for a good study desk for your kids, Minidesk by Omnidesk is the one for you! Minidesk is available in stores and online, to find out more and to purchase, please visit their website at


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