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Better grades are just a click away! 
TutorsSG, October 15, 2021

In the age of the coronavirus, and where nations are shifting from pandemic to endemic, face-to-face interactions may still cause hesitation in many. If you’re searching for the right place to find an online tutor, look no further than TutorsSG! This new-to-market, easy-to-use app, is the best way to match students with the right tutor to help them succeed!

As more and more students and learners join this app, tuition rates will go down as costs are divided among a greater population of users, and information symmetry and transparency tend to push prices down. This will also create a more inclusive environment, reaching a broader range of scholars. Tuition rates are not paid through the app. TutorsSG is simply a listing service and a vehicle for communication.

This app is free and available in the AppStore for iOS devices or Play Store for Android phones. To get started, parents/students can download the free app and create a profile. Enter your telegram handle to allow ease of connectivity with other users on the app. Parents, it’s easy and safe to create a profile for your child – no personal information is mandated. Enter an alias if you wish.

Browse through the available tutoring sessions, or request one if you don’t see a course that meets your requirements. What grade levels are an appropriate match? All of them!

TutorsSG is for all education levels:

  • Kindergarten
  • Primary School (Grades 1-7)
  • Secondary School (Grades 8-12)
  • Junior College / Pre-University Students
  • University/College Students
  • Graduate Students
  • & More! 

Not only is this application available for students and parents to connect with tutors, but it is also a place for tutors to broadcast their skills and obtain pupils! Profiles can be updated in real-time. As student’s needs change, their profiles can be updated to reflect academic priorities. Students can request specific sessions based on their personal needs or sign up for courses already offered by highly trained instructors on a variety of subjects. Tutors can display new qualifications, set up zoom links, post rates, etc. Wish to know more about the tutors? Use the in-app chat functionalities to communicate!

What subject matter is available? All subjects!

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • History
  • Languages
  • Test Prep
  • & More! 

Browsing tutors is easy under the ‘Explore’ tab, where parents/students can view rates and sign up to attend courses. Lessons can be sorted by time of posting to view most recently posted opportunities and by price ranges to be sure the tuition rates fall within your budget.

Within the ‘Tutors’ tab, parents and students can browse available tutor profiles and see their educational backgrounds. Are you looking for a professional tutor? Someone with years of teaching experience? View this information and more in each profile! Within every profile are ratings; tutors can be reviewed based on service. This process is entirely transparent and only past students can rate the tutor. The number of sessions they have held is available to view as well as any delinquencies that may have occurred. Delinquency rate penalizes both tutors and students who back out of registered sessions at the last minute. Attendances and absences are recorded for students and tutors. TutorsSG is intended to mimic the real-life classroom performance review in this regard. Continual delinquencies from courses will result in disciplinary actions towards the offender.

When scheduling a session, one-time lessons are available, as well as recurring sessions for additional help. Found a tutor and intend to stick for the subsequent sessions? Let the tutor know and he/she will be able to use TutorsSG to reserve a slot for you in their upcoming session.

Communication and lessons between tutors and students happen exclusively online, made possible via zoom links, google documents, and live interactive chat that tutors provide. There are no in-person meet-ups available through this app; all lessons occur in the digital classroom. Prefer to meet in person? Simply indicate in your session room or request and communicate directly to the tutor.

Overall, the app aims to be user-friendly and offers stress-free online tutoring options with price ranges that meet your budget and schedule. For additional information, visit their website.

Whether students are looking for help with homework or supplementary review, TutorsSG puts on-demand tuition arrangements in the palm of your hand!


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