Oreo Enhancing Family Bonding Moments

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Blogger_Session Invite FVOreo and Text100 invited a few parents bloggers to attend this interactive event. While the parents were participating in the session, the organizers helped to keep the children happy with many games and drawings.

Oreo 021 Oreo 023

Gor Gor arriving at the venue. 

Oreo 027 Oreo 030

The friendly and helpful Oreo staff keeping Gor Gor and the children occupied with games and drawings.

Oreo 046

Parenting experts sharing their experiences with the bloggers.

Oreo has invited three childhood parenting experts to share their opinions with the parent bloggers on how to promote family bonding in our busy working life in Singapore. Among some of the tips we learned were:

1. It is not the quantity but quality of bonding time that is important. Bonding with your child could be as simple as listening to the same music and talking about it after that, going for a short cycling session or playing games together.

2. Let your child set his own time table instead of setting the time table for them. For example, you could tell your child on a normal school day, he needs to finish his home work and also complete his reading and then he could have an hour of watching TV or playing computer games. Then, let him decides what time he wants to do his home work and what time he wants to have his free time to watch TV or play computer games. By letting him set his own schedule, he will be empowered to complete the tasks better.

3. Let your child have enough play activities and not focus too much on his academic studies. Through play, children learn to relax and able to tackle more complicated tasks in their lives.

Other highlights of the session:

Oreo 014 Oreo 015

 Gor Gor making new friends while enjoying his favourite desserts, Oreo cheese cake.

Oreo 048

Oreo photo taking moment.

Oreo 050

Group photo, it is a great session, nice to know everyone! 🙂

The session is very informative and useful for the participants and Our Parenting World would like to thank the lovely people from Oreo and Text100 for organizing this session.


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    Wonderful pos t! Thanks for sharing and getting the word out on the importance of play !