PastaMania Launches Two New Dishes, Spicy Creamy Otak-Otak and Thai Style Aglio Seafood

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PastaMania is the largest Italian casual dining chain in Singapore and it has recently launched two new dishes, Spicy Creamy Otak-Otak and Thai Style Aglio Seafood. Foodies can look forward to indulge in these new dishes that are inspired by the exotic flavours of Southeast Asia, the mouth-watering concoctions delve into Penang’s fiery spices and the rich, piquant flavours of Thailand, tantalizing the taste buds with a kaleidoscope of flavours. 

We were introduced to PastaMania’s two winning seafood fusion creations, the Spicy Creamy Otak-Otak and Thai Style Aglio Seafood which concluded recently at the PastaMania Chef Creations 2018. They are created by Chef Luth and Chef Mu Yang respectively. 

Chef Luth did a demonstration to showcase how he came up with the winning dish. This is an unique dish that has a taste of nostalgia with Otak-Otak that is well-loved by the locals being added into this innovative pasta dish. 

Chef Creations 2018 winner by Chef Luth, PastaMania Fairprice Hub. 

Chef Luth’s Spicy Creamy Otak-Otak at $13.90 consists of ingredients like garlic, chilli, olive oil with otak-otak & crispy prawn chilli. The pasta dish is tossed perfectly in a velvety-smooth cream sauce, gives off a robust burst of smoky-fish flavour, served with sweet notes of coconut milk and the spicy, garlicky flavour of belacan (spicy dried shrimp paste) that brings this tasty dish to an even greater height! 

Next Chef Mu Yang did a demonstration to showcase how he came up with the winning dish. If you are a seafood lover and you enjoy indulging in spicy food, you will enjoy this dish. This dish is inspired by the classic Pad Thai recipe that captures the vibrant flavours of Thailand. 

Chef Creations 2018 Winner by Chef Mu Yang, PastaMania Causeway Point. 

Chef Mu Yang’s Thai Style Aglio Seafood at $13.90 consists of ingredients such as squid, prawns mussels and assorted vegetables together with a host of condiments like fish sauce, tamarind paste and basil leaves. This seafood pasta dish is topped with generous chunks of seafood and crispy bacon bits, which is absolutely delicious! 

We love pasta and we always enjoy our pasta dishes at PastaMania, this well-known family-friendly casual dining restaurant that is located all over Singapore!

It is good that PastaMania is constantly innovating and coming up with new dishes, we can always look forward to enjoy our pasta dishes and indulge in its new creation. Visit PastaMania today and try out its two brand new dishes, Spicy Creamy Otak-Otak and Thai Style Aglio Seafood specially created by its winning chefs, Chef Luth and Chef Mu Yang!

Addition Information:

PastaMania Chef Creations 2018

Organized by PastaMania, the annual Chef Creations challenge invites representatives from their outlets in Singapore to create a new dish according to a theme. This year, the Seafood Fusion-themed challenge received a submission of 24 recipes and six chefs were selected for the final challenge. The challenge was judged and scored by a panel of five judges – Jeremy Cheok, Chef and Co-founder of Garang Grill by New Ubin Seafood; Bruno Gillet, Chef and Production Manager at Kuhlbarra; Roy Chua, Head Chef, Product Development and QA of PastaMania; and two customers from PastaMania. Watch the six chefs battle in the final round of cookout, with their Seafood Fusion creations to a panel of five judges here:

Dinners can look forward to the two new dishes of Spicy Creamy Otak-Otak and Thai Style Aglio Seafood, now available at all PastaMania outlets.

Price is $13.90 a la carte. There will be a $1 discount when customers order through the COMMONS Sg app using promo code ‘CC1OFF’.

COMMONS Sg is available for download on the Apple App Store ( and Google Play Store ( It allows customers to order and make payment directly through the app, removing the need for customers to wait in queue. Plus, one can earn 10% rebates on their net bill and rebates can be redeemed to offset their next bill.

To find out more about PastaMania, please visit its website at

PastaMania is also available on delivery at and all delivery food app providers (Deliveroo, FoodPanda, GrabFood, Honest Bee).




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