{Free 2 days Event} Philadelphia Cheese presents Heavenly Inspiration Pop-up Cafe

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{Media Invite: Philadelphia Cheese presents Heavenly Inspiration Pop-up Cafe}

Popular international cream cheese brand Philadelphia Cheese is bringing its quality and delicious products to consumers with its very own pop-up café at 1 Keong Saik Road, #01-05, from 10 to 11 November 2016. This is a 2 days event, free and open to public! 

At the pop-up café, guests can enjoy a medley of snacks created with Philadelphia cream cheese at the following stations: 

Bagel Station


The bagels are from Two Men Bagel, best known for their hand-rolled bagels. Choose your bagel with different cream cheese spread and select your toppings with ingredients like Ham, Chair Siew, Pickles, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Radish and more. 


I am selecting my toppings to put on my open-faced cream cheese bagel


My cream cheese bagel is simply delicious and so nutritious! 


Crudités Station

Fresh Veggie Patch – Guests can choose from a wide selection of fresh vegetables and dip the vegetables in flavoured cream cheese for a healthier and delicious snack. 



Snacks Station 

What a feast! Indulge in Crostini with cream cheese and prawn, Guacamole cups, Herby cous cous salad, Leafy salad with cream cheese dressing, Mediterranean vegetables and cream cheese quesadillas, Tuna and wasabi on crackers, Granola with cream cheese and honey and mini carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

While you are at the pop-up café, don’t forget to indulge in the Philadelphia cream cheese Chilli Crab Toastie by Aun Koh (@aun_koh) of ChubbyHubby and food stylists, No Bake Strawberry Cream Cheese Tart by Bella Koh (@catslavery) as well as No bake Citron Meringue Cream Cheese Tart by Tan Chun Rong (@xlbcr).

The cream cheese’s inspired food created are simply divine! 


We are so inspired, we didn’t know we can use the cream cheese to create such a wide variety of food instead of just spreading the cream cheese on our breads. What’s more, Philadelphia spreadable cream cheese has 60% less fat than butter or margarine. It is a healthier option, we can easily prepare healthy and scrumptious snacks at home and enjoy our tasty snacks guilt-free! 

Visit Philadelphia Cheese Heavenly Inspiration pop-up café today!

At the two-day pop-up event, guests can have fun creating their own snacks with Philadelphia cream cheese at the DIY station with a selection of fruits, crackers and cream cheese spreads. Alternatively, all-day breakfast-inspired creations will also be available along with innovative and delicious snacks. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee from Punch, for its fragrant brew along with the snacks and look forward to highly Instagram-worthy moments at the Philadelphia Cheese Heavenly Inspiration pop-up café.

The event is open to the public and will give all guests a taste of the benefits and applications of Philadelphia cream cheese products. 

Philadelphia Cheese Pop-up Café details are as follows:

Philadelphia Cheese Heavenly Inspiration Pop-up Café

When:  10 November 2016, 8.00am – 8.00pm
11 November 2016, 8.00am – 1.30pm

Venue: 1 Keong Saik Road, Unit #01-05, Singapore 089109

Nearest MRT station:  Outram Park

Tickets: Free entry to all 


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