POE Course by Adam Khoo

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Mummy says:
I am so fortunate to be able to win a complete POE course from Adam Khoo. I was about four to five months pregnant when I went for the first part of the course.
The course is very demanding and challenging in fact baby first kicked me during Adam Khoo’s classes where the music was pumping so loudly to motivate the students. I was taken by surprise when baby kicked me as I have never experience this kind of sensation before. It was kind of painful but bearable. Baby’s kick was always continuous and somehow like a rhythm. Many times I could see baby moving around and I would quickly call my course mates to see, they wanted to see him moving around. During the first part of the course, baby’s gender was not known however everyone has guessed correctly that he is a boy as my tummy was very sharp.
The second part of the course, I was already six months pregnant and by then my tummy was really big. My course mates told me that they felt very encouraged and motivated to see a pregnant woman coming for such a demanding course and many times they would put their hands on my tummy and tell baby that he will be a very intelligent child just like his mummy. So sweet of them to say such nice words to mummy. They felt that mummy and child both benefited as baby is also involved in all that I am doing at the course. Yes, baby is so motivated, he keeps kicking me all the time when the music is pumping.
The best part from the POE course is that not only I learn a lot from Adam Khoo and his team, My course mates are so good to me and I have made a lot of friends. Thanks pals for all your encouragement and support!

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