POSB Neighboursfirst.sg features and interview with Eunice and Li Wei

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Photo Credit: Vincent Yee

Our Parenting World heard about a heartwarming portal that celebrates new perspective on Singaporean way of life called POSB Neighboursfirst.sg. POSB aims to encourage Singaporeans to re-discover their neighbourhoods through this initiative.

At the portal, you will find story of the then parents-to-be, Eunice and Li Wei. Eunice writes a letter to her unborn baby, Lele. Her husband Li Wei takes thoughtful photos of the couple’s life in their HDB flat. Their request to Lele is simple that he has to learn to ride a bicycle and its heartfelt. This is the couple’s personal memory project, which has been turned into a video that will get viewers feeling touched and smiling.

Please click HERE to watch the video. 

Our Parenting World is pleased to interview the lovely couple Eunice and Li Wei to share more with us. We are also pleased to announce that their baby Lele (named Elias), is now 2 months old. Congratulations!

1) How did you get to appear in POSB Neighboursfirst.sg features?

POSB Neighboursfirst.sg learned about Li Wei’s personal photography project, “Waiting for Lele”. They knew that Li Wei documented the start of our parenthood and they were keen to feature it in POSB Neighboursfirst.sg. They asked us about being featured and the rest is history.

2) Can you share with us some interesting things that happened during the shooting of your video?

The video was shot solely by Liwei and there was this scene that requires him to walk into the shot to hug me (Eunice), we had to do it like more than 10 times. It is not easy to do a professional video selfie. Haha!

Also, Lele is an active baby in the womb. He moves a lot so we hope to catch some of his action for the video. However, during the filming, Lele is quite camera shy, his movements were too minute to be picked up by the camera.

3) What’s your favourite place(s) in your neighbourhood?

For Liwei, it would be the wet market near our place. He frequented it with our confinement nanny and it gives him a nostalgic feeling as he used to stay near a wet market too. As for me, it is a mall in the neighbourhood. It has a supermarket, a library and a good nursing facilities. I spend a lot of my time there.

4) Do you have any tips and advices for parents who are expecting their first child?

a. Eat well and sleep well before the arrival of the baby.
b. Space out your preparation work. Don’t leave things to be done in the last trimester as it will only be more tiring.
c. Ready your hospital bag a month before your baby’s EDD so you won’t panic when D-Day comes.
d. For mummies-to-be, though breastmilk is the best for babies, don’t stress yourself out and worry if you’re not producing enough. Your well-being is above all as you need to take care of your child. Stress also affects milk production. Nonetheless, persevere in the journey of breastfeeding. The reward is great!
e. Enjoy the journey and learn along the way. Lots of goodwill parents or elders would give their advice but it is up to you to decide what works best for your child. Daddies and mummies got to be on the same page on how to manage and bring up your child. All the best! It’s gonna be full of joy and tears but it is fulfilling.

Thank you to the lovely couple Eunice and Li Wei for sharing their valuable insights with us. We wish Eunice, Li Wei and Lele (named Elias) all the best!

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