Product Review: Pictionary (Singapore Edition)

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Most parents like mine would remember the board games they used to play when they were students. My parents told me that games like Monopoly and Pictionary are the most popular ones. They are fun and educating and they enjoyed playing with it. Thanks to the kind folks at Pictionary and I have the opportunity to play Pictionary with my brother, family and friends. 


Nowadays, most children like to play games on computer and mobile devices. This is a worrying trend as many of these electronic games are addictive and damaging to their eyes if they play for a prolonged period of time. Thus, parents are encouraged to introduce board games like Pictionary instead as these games are educating and help to stimulate their mind. It also help to foster closer bonding with family and friends when they play the game together.


Di Di is trying to guess Gor Gor’s drawing. 


Yay! Di Di has guessed correctly, its a helicopter. 

Pictionary is a popular board game where the players try to guess the words drawn by the other team. Now there is a Singapore edition for Pictionary where it included many Singaporean words like “Murtabak”, “Wanton”, “Kueh Lapis” etc. Makes us feel hungry when we heard of these words. 


The game is also suitable for the adults to play together. For adults, it has the 1,200 words clues which is more challenging that the children version which has 800 words.

Both Gor Gor and Di Di enjoy playing Pictionary, it is fun! The boys love to draw, its educating as it helps them to learn new words, increase their vocabulary and best of all, it is a good bonding activities for the whole family. To enjoy playing this game, one would need to draw based on the clue given. By drawing, it also helps the younger children to learn and appreciate the art of drawing.

You can now buy Pictionary (Singapore edition) in most toy shops and department stores in Singapore. This will be a good game to play during the coming year end school holidays. Find out more about Pictionary Singapore at its Facebook and Twitter


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