Refresh your fast and celebration this Ramadan and Hari Raya with the limited-edition 100PLUS Original 1.5L

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To commemorate the ongoing fasting month of Ramadan and the upcoming Hari Raya festivities, 100PLUS unveils the limited-edition 100PLUS Original 1.5L, crafted with an exuberant design that encapsulates the essence of these occasions, which are importantly observed by the Muslim community in Singapore.

The intricate woven leaves of the ketupat, featured on the 100PLUS Original 1.5L bottles, are a powerful symbol of unity and joy that resonate deeply during the fasting month of Ramadan and the ensuing Hari Raya celebrations. This graphic representation of the ketupat is seamlessly represented with 100PLUS’ iconic and recognisable tri-band colours of blue, red, and green, representing the coming together of family, friends, and loved ones in a shared spirit of reflection and celebration.

The ketupat, a traditional dish often enjoyed during the Hari Raya celebrations, is more than just food – it symbolises communal bonding and festivity. 100PLUS reaffirms its role as a cherished companion in hydration during the fasting month and moments of togetherness.

During Ramadan, hydration becomes profoundly important as Muslims fast for long hours without water or food from dawn until the sun sets. Fluid lost through sweat contains more than just water – it also contains electrolytes (minerals) like sodium and potassium. These electrolytes are necessary for the body’s day-to-day healthy functioning. Sodium also helps the body absorb and retain fluids effectively.

100PLUS is designed to address this need, offering essential hydration with electrolytes to replenish and revitalise the body after a long day of fasting. It ensures that maintaining optimal hydration is effortless and enjoyable, making 100PLUS the quintessential drink during iftar or the breaking of fast get-togethers.

The importance of hydration extends beyond the fasting hours, particularly during the warm and humid days of the Hari Raya festivities. As families and friends engage in the joyous tradition of visiting, staying hydrated becomes even more crucial. 100PLUS is the perfect solution to everyone’s hydration needs, ensuring they can stay refreshed and hydrated as they enjoy the festivities and the joys of togetherness.

100PLUS invites its Muslim consumers to uplift their Ramadan observances and Hari Raya celebrations with the limited-edition 100PLUS Original 1.5L. Let it serve as a delightful reminder of the joy of togetherness and the importance of staying hydrated, whether breaking fast during Ramadan or visiting family and loved ones during Hari Raya.

100PLUS is lower in sugar, carries the Healthier Choice Symbol accorded by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), and is Halal-certified. The 100PLUS Original 1.5L is currently available at major retailers such as Cold Storage, Giant, FairPrice and Sheng Siong. It has a Recommended Selling Price (RSP) of S$2.50, and is available while stocks last.

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Featured Photo Credits:  F&N Global Marketing



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