REVIVE’s Overnight Oats Providing The Right Nutrients For A Great Start To Your Day!


REVIVE is an impact driven Singapore start-up specializing in healthy packaged snacks and breakfast foods. Nowadays more and more people are adopting healthy lifestyle, exercising more and eating healthier. As parents, we are concerned of getting the right and nutritious food for our children especially for breakfast. Having a good and nutritious breakfast is important for our children as it helps them to achieve better concentration, improve focus, able to perform better in schools and provides them with the essential energy for the day. 

About REVIVE, they started the business providing healthier snack options in September 2020 while majority of our population were working from home. They believed that taste should never be compromised for health including snacks. They promise customers that their products are crafted with clean, nutrient-rich ingredients such as whole grains, nuts or seeds together with all other ingredients used that are beneficial for our health.

Currently, REVIVE’s Healthy Snacks and Breakfast range of products consists of great tasting granolas, overnight oats and natural nut butters made with simple and quality ingredients that are wholesome, tasty and meet your nutritional needs.

REVIVE’s overnight oats come in four flavours consisting of Chocolate Banana, Pina Colada, Tropical Mango and Peach & Cinnamon. All the ingredients in each bag of REVIVE’s overnight oats are carefully selected, made with 100% natural ingredients, providing all the right nutrients to enable you and your family to kick-start your day!

Their overnight oats is vegan, dairy free, no added sugar and offer a variety of health benefits, due to their rich fibre and protein content. It is fuss-free, fast and easy to prepare, this is particularly useful and convenient for busy parents and working adults, just prepare the oats the night before and in the morning, you are all ready to enjoy a nutritious, delicious and healthy breakfast! 

This is really simple to make, basically a no-cook method of making oatmeal, first, pour 120-150ml of milk or milk alternative, and 50g of packaged contents into a jar / bowl, do not add water, next stir well and refrigerate overnight. Proceed to give a quick stir the next morning, if you like, you can garnish and top up your overnight oats with nuts, seeds and fruits for added texture and flavour and enjoy your breakfast!

Each bag of REVIVE’s overnight oats contains 6 servings and besides breakfast, you can enjoy them as a healthy snack anytime of the day. For every product sold, part of the proceeds goes to support local children charities.

REVIVE’s overnight oats consists of four flavours such as:


This is REVIVE’s most popular flavour consisting of real chocolate and freeze dried banana chips that will delight chocolate lovers. The package also includes rolled oat, instant oat, organic soybean, monk fruit, chia seed and cocoa. Our kids love this combination, the chocolate taste is rich and blended well with generous amounts of banana slices. It’s so tasty and not too sweet as there is no added sugar for their overnight oats. 


This combination contains organic desiccated coconut, freeze dried pineapple chips, rolled oat, instant oat, organic soybean, monk fruit and chia seed. The taste is light and refreshing, we enjoyed biting into the delicious pineapple chips together with the pleasant desiccated coconut flavour. 


This combination contains organic desiccated coconut and freeze dried mango chips that have been mixed perfectly. It also includes rolled oat, instant oat, organic soybean, monk fruit and chia seed. It is a joy for mango fans to tuck into this mouth-watering overnight oats filled with generous chunks of freeze dried mango. 


This combination contains vibrant freeze dried peach paired with notes of cinnamon spice, rolled oat, instant oat, organic soybean, monk fruit and chia seed. This tantalizingly flavour is so unique with palatable freeze dried peach blended well with cinnamon that is not overwhelming. 

If you are looking for healthy snacks and breakfast that are nutritious and delicious, and yet easy to prepare, please visit REVIVE’s website at


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