‘Rockin’ into Christmas with BreadTalk’s Irresistible Festive Collection

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Christmas is coming! BreadTalk is proud to present an irresistible line-up of  ‘Rockin’ into Christmas’ range consisting of yuletide log cakes, DIY Gingerbread Cookies, adorable buns and donuts that will be available from now to 25 December 2022. The range is perfect for gifting, celebrations or simply a spot of well-deserved self-indulgence!

Sleighing into BreadTalk outlets to enjoy the delightful buns, donuts and cookies from this magical and delightful collection will be available at all BreadTalk outlets island-wide and online at www.breadtalk.com.sg/shop while the whimsical log cakes ( log cakes are available for pre-order from 10 to 30 November 2022. Not available at ION B4, Raffles City and United Square) will be available in-stores from 1 December 2022.

Christmas Donuts

Donuts from the Rockin’ Into Christmas collection

BreadTalk’s creative team of chefs has conjured six exclusive Christmas donuts – share the joy and calories with family and friends vis-à-vis two promotions; purchase three donuts for $5 in-stores, or six donuts for $10 on the BreadTalk e-store.

Two adorable creations that will put smiles on faces are Polar Bear 北极熊 ($2.20) – a donut fashioned into a loveable polar bear filled with custard cream, a ‘furry’ cloak of desiccated coconut and mini pretzels for ears, and Rudolph 鲁道夫 ($2.20) – a Nutella-filled, dark chocolate glazed donut complete with white chocolate ‘eyes’, mini pretzel ‘ears’ and a red chocolate ‘nose’!

A riff on every child’s favourite Christmas treat, Custard Gingerman 卡士达姜饼人 ($2.20) is a sweet custard-filled donut dressed in colourful pants dotted with hundreds-and-thousands’. A simpler but no less satisfying pleasure is Sweet Gingerman 甜蜜姜饼人 ($2.20) – a good ‘ol classic sugar donut. These two well-loved donut flavours are shaped like a gingerbread man for an added festive touch.

The quintessential Christmas pairing of peppermint and chocolate is featured in Jolly Mint 薄荷巧克力 ($2.20) with a chocolate and mint cream filling within a pillowy-soft donut and finished with a dark chocolate glaze and festive sprinkles, while Berry Lovely 草莓巧克力 ($2.20) presents a strawberry chocolate glazed donut adorned with colourful Christmas tree sprinkles.

Christmas Cakes

Log Cakes from the Rockin’ Into Christmas Collection

Christmas gifting and enjoyment will be a piece of cake with BreadTalk’s range of enticing Log Cakes and whole cakes.

The perfect centrepiece for all Christmas tables, the adorable Choco Hazelnut Hut 榛果圣诞屋 ($55.80 per cake, $7.20 per slice) showcases a classic chocolate chiffon cake layered with velvety chocolate hazelnut cream, vanilla white chocolate cream and an intense 70% dark chocolate mousse with chocolate shavings within. To fashion a roof for the ‘hut’, a layer of cocoa sponge fingers is draped over more dark chocolate mousse and decorated with a dust of snow powder, white chocolate cream piping, homemade gingerbread windows and doors plus mixed berries for the final flourish.

A well-loved combo and crowd-pleaser, Cookies & Cream Log 曲奇奶油桐乐 ($55.80 per cake, $7.20 per slice) presents whole Oreo cookies enveloped in white vanilla chocolate cream sandwiched between fluffy and moist chocolate chiffon cake topped with Oreo vanilla white chocolate cream, on a crunchy biscuit base. Topped with more Oreo cookies, swirls of vanilla white chocolate cream and coated generously with almond ganache glaze, provides the perfect finishing touch.

Presenting a winter wonderland in the tropics is Mango Passion Log 芒果百香果桐乐 ($52.80 per cake, $6.90 per slice) – a blanket of fluffy chiffon cake layered over a fruity coulis made with a medley of mango, passionfruit mousse and guava fruit mixed with strawberry fruit puree. Lastly, the log is adorned with fresh strawberry, blueberries and red currants, not forgetting the cute little red mushrooms atop.

A delicious ensemble of dark sweet cherries, smooth dark chocolate mousse, vanilla white chocolate cream and cherry coulis between chocolate chiffon cake layers covered in chocolate shavings, Christmas Dark Forest Gateau 圣诞浓黑森林 ($48.80 per cake) is back by popular demand. A petit chocolate swiss roll sits atop the cake garnished with gingerbread man, blueberries, red currants and a sprinkling of snow powder.

From 10 November to 30 November 2022, customers can enjoy 25% off when they pre-order festive log cakes online and in-stores or 15% off all Christmas cakes including the Christmas Dark Forest Gateau when they are available in-stores for purchase from 1 to 15 December. Customers can also get two sliced cakes for $12.90 in-stores only (U.P. $13.60 – $14.40) from 10 November to 15 December.

Exclusively available on BreadTalk’s E-store, savour the comforting warmth of Ginger Yuletide 巧克力 姜味桐乐 ($72.80 per cake) which proffers an inventive yet familiar blend of flavours with elements including a homemade ginger orange marmalade, ginger orange chocolate mousse, caramel sauce, chocolate chiffon and a crisp royaltine base. This irresistible creation features a chocolate Christmas tree and stars décor with gold snowflakes.

Christmas Buns

Making its debut this season is Mr Frosty 雪先生 ($2.80); a fluffy snowman-shaped white chocolate-coated bun stuffed with a rich and silky-smooth cream cheese custard tempered with the fruity tang of a lip-smacking wild blueberry filling and finished with a cute strawberry sour tape candy scarf to keep him cool during the winter season!

Christmas Cookies

DIY Gingerbread Cookie Sets

Light up any party or gathering with some hands-on activity using BreadTalk’s selection of gingerbread cookies. Created to encourage shared experiences, each DIY set comes complete with baked gingerbread cookie pieces, festive chocolate pipings and sprinkles for easy and fun assembly!

Three unique DIY sets are added to the collection this year – DIY Christmas Tree DIY 圣诞树套装, DIY Rocking Horse DIY 木马套装 which forms a functional rocking horse once assembled and DIY Gingerbread Cookies DIY 姜饼套装, that includes a Christmas Tree, Gingerbread Man and BreadTalk’s loveable mascot, Song Song. Retailing at $10 each, the DIY sets comes with décor toppings such as Christmas sprinkles and chocolate piping in red, yellow and green.

Customers can purchase these delicious and fun sets (only applicable for DIY Gingerbread cookie set, DIY Rocking Set and DIY Christmas Tree Set) for just $9 with any purchase from now till 15 December 2022.

Making a comeback this year are two popular Christmas cookies sets – Merry Gingerbread Set 圣 姜 饼礼盒 ($13.80 per set of six, $2.40 per cookie) and DIY Gingerbread House 精美姜饼屋 ($39.80) featuring 10 gingerbread cookies and all-inclusive chocolate pippings, assorted decors such as candy canes, pretzels, gummy candies and convival sprinkles. The DIY Gingerbread Set also comes with a step-by-step video tutorial, making it a perfect kid-friendly gift idea.

In-store Promotions
• 25% off log cakes pre-orders from 10 November to 30 November 2022
• 15% off Christmas cakes from 1 December to 15 December
• Buy two sliced cakes for $12.90 from 10 November to 15 December
• $9 DIY Gift Set* with any purchase from 10 November to 15 December
*Only for DIY Gingerbread Cookies Set, DIY Rocking Horse Set and DIY Christmas Tree Set
• Buy three donuts for $5 from 10 November to 25 December 2022

E-store Deals
• 25% off log cakes pre-orders from 10 November to 30 November 2022
• 15% off Christmas cakes from 1 December to 15 December
• $9 DIY Gift Set* from 10 November to 15 December
*Only for DIY Gingerbread Cookies Set, DIY Rocking Horse Set and DIY Christmas Tree Set
• Buy six donuts for $10 from 10 November to 25 December 2022*

* Please note that price of items are stated in nett and may vary at different outlets.

Find out more about BreadTalk as follows:

Website: www.breadtalk.com.sg
E-Store: www.breadtalk.com.sg/shop
Facebook: www.facebook.com/breadtalksingapore/
Instagram: @breadtalksg
Hashtag: #Rockin’IntoChristmas


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