School talk on vaccination

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Di Di’s school invited some of the parents to share with the children about their jobs with the purpose to inspire and educate the children of different job professions. Daddy is invited to give a talk on childhood vaccination. The aim of the talk is to let them know how a doctor vaccinates a child and the importance of vaccination.

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The teachers brought the older children into the room and settled them down first before Di Di and his classmates who are from the youngest class of the school were brought into the room.

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Here comes Di Di and his classmates being brought in by his teacher, Ms Fiona. “Hello Daddy, here I come, with my friends”.

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Daddy starting his talk by showing his stethoscope and explaining to them how a doctor uses a stethoscope to listen to the heart and lung sounds. After that, he explained to them what is vaccination and why vaccination is important to keep them healthy. Vaccination is a process to build up one’s immunity against some nasty diseases like chickenpox, measles etc and thus helps to prevent diseases. 

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The children listened intently and the older children are very spontaneous kept asking Daddy questions. Daddy is very impressed with the children.

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“What is this?” Daddy asked the kids. Some of the older kids are very smart and they replied “This is a syringe!” Daddy showing the children a sample of a syringe used in vaccination. He assured the children that the process of vaccination is not painful, it is like a small insect bite which is bearable. It is important that children get vaccinated to keep them healthy. 

Daddy talk 051 Daddy talk 054

“Di Di, would you like to help me?” Daddy asked. “Yes” replied Di Di enthusiastically. Daddy using Di Di as a model to demonstrate how a doctor administers a vaccine on the upper part of the arm of a child.

We would like to thank Di Di’s school for the opportunity to give this educational talk to the children and their teachers. It is our privilege to be able to share our experiences with the children. Di Di is so excited about Daddy coming to his school to give a talk that he went home to tell Gor Gor all about it.


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  1. Amandine Bruno on

    The Parent’s participation day is a wonderful project. Kids can benefit much from this!