Science Centre “Interplay” an unique experiential exhibition

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Science Centre Singapore celebrates Golden Jubilee Weekend with free admission for Singapore citizens! 

From 7 to 10 August 2015, Singapore citizens will be entitled to free admission to Science Centre Singapore (SCS) during the “Golden Jubilee Celebrations @ Science Centre Singapore, in conjunction with the nation’s SG50 celebrations. This free admission also includes entry into six other SCS attractions –Human Body Experience, Interplay: Where Science Meets Art, KidsSTOP™, Snow City, The Cliff @ Snow City and Omni-Theatre.

Singapore citizens will be required to present their National Registration Identity Cards (NRIC), valid Passports, National Service identity cards or Pioneer Generation cards at each attraction entrance to gain admission. Each card will admit the holder and up to four children below the age of 16.

During the “Golden Jubilee Celebrations @ Science Centre Singapore”, all other visitors will be able to purchase day passes, priced at $25 each, at ticketing counters. These day passes will grant them entry to all SCS attractions. 

Admission for all visitors will be on a first-come-first-served basis at each attraction, subject to each attraction’s capacity.

This is a good time to visit all the fabulous attractions at Science Centre Singapore, KidsSTOP™, Snow City, The Cliff @ Snow City and Omni-Theatre. Frequent updates on admission to SCS attractions and their approximate queue time will be made available on SCS’s Facebook page at Members of the public are advised to check SCS’s Facebook page on the day that they plan to visit the Science Centre.

Please scroll down to find out more about “Interplay: Where Science Meets Art”, one of the latest exhibition at Science Centre Singapore. 



{Media Invite} – Article published on 30 May 2015

Our Parenting World visited the latest Science Centre Singapore exhibition titled “Interplay”. This exhibition is jointly produced by Science Centre Singapore (SCS) and ARS ELECTRONICA, an Austrian digital media institution.


Opening ceremony of Science Centre Singapore latest exhibition “Interplay”.

This blockbuster unique exhibition is coming to Singapore for the first time in May that combines arts and science together to create magic. Many people think that the subjects Arts and Science are very distinct and different from each other. Art is normally seen as abstract, colourful and imaginative, whereas Science is normally seen as technical and concrete. To combine arts and science mean to bring the imagination and colour into scientific presentation. This is exactly how this exhibition is.

The exhibition attracts both young and old. There are 21 amazing exhibits by international and local artists in the exhibition hall. One of the key highlights in the exhibition is “Deep Space”, a multidimensional space which allows us to step into the world of stars and planets in the solar system. If you are a fan of astronomy, besides visiting “Interplay” and its Deep Space exhibit, do catch the movie “Back to the Moon for Good”, live shows on exploring the planets and cosmic surfing at the Omni Theatre (please click HERE to read Our Parenting World’s review of the reopening of Omni Theatre).


“Kinetic Light Sculpture” is by renowned physicist Paul Friedlander. He uses a visual medley of light and motion which is presented by shining light onto a rapidly rotating rope that is attached to two fixed points. Visitors will not be able to see the rope once it is set to motion and colours from the chromastrobe will reflect a range of colours once it is started to move rapidly. 


Recollection Six is developed by Ed Tannenbaum invites participants to stand in front of a large video screen. Once the person starts to move, his/her image will be recorded by the video camera and transmitted to a computer with special image processing capabilities. Our team had fun playing with his image and it is recorded instantly and projected onto the screen to create a painting of movement. 


The exhibition is interactive and fun for the visitors. For those who are fans of playing electronic games, there is an interactive game called Game Border by Tine Papendick, where one could play 6 different sets of video games linked to each other, starting from the old type of analogue TV console TV games continuing to the latest digital video game. Your character will move from one screen to the next once you have completed the challenges in that screen.


Visitors can also create digital graffiti in one of the exhibits, where they could take a digital photo of themselves which is then projected to the screen and you can paint different types of graffiti on the photo. For those who want to paint graffiti on the wall but not get into trouble with the authority, this is the place you can paint electronic graffiti legally.


If you are wondering where to bring your children during this school holidays, you should not missed the “Interplay” exhibition at Science Centre Singapore. The exhibition will run from 30 May till 16 August 2015, from 10am to 6pm daily with last admission at 5.15pm located at Annexe Hall, Science Centre. Tickets are at $13 (adults) and $9 (children 3 -12 years old and also for students with valid student pass). Family package tickets for 2 adults and 2 children is at $36.

For more information of “Interplay”, please click HERE



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