Science Centre Singapore celebrates 40th Anniversary of The Young Scientist Badge (YSB) Programme at the Young Marie Curie and Young Margaret Fountaine Trails from 18 – 20 October

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Science Centre Singapore’s longest-running initiative, the Young Scientist Badge (YSB) Programme, commemorates 40 years of igniting interest and passion in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). 

Celebrating YSB40 with two new multidisciplinary badges in 2022

Inspired by pioneers of science – Marie Curie and Margaret Fountaine, the young Marie Curie and Margaret Fountaine badges are curated to encourage a spirit of innovation and societal norms-defying resilience, as exhibited by the Nobel winning physicist and the prolific lepidopterist during their time.

Visitors can embark on a one-of-a-kind Marie Curie and Margaret Fountaine Trail exclusively from 18 – 20 October at Science Centre Singapore priced at $5 each, and complete missions guided by a physical trail booklet.

Examples of these activities include:

● Marie Curie Trail – Learning about radioactive compounds and their uses in today’s world, performing a repulsion test to investigate magnetic properties, and making a solar lamp to demonstrate the use of environmentally friendly energy sources.
● Margaret Fountaine Trail – Identifying flowering and non-flowering plants that can be found in Singapore, testing high sugar and liquid foods that butterflies enjoy feeding on, and learning how climate change affects the population of monarch butterflies.

Visitors who complete the trail will be entitled to a physical “I am a young Marie Curie” and/or “I am a young Margaret Fountaine” badge and trail booklet, which are part of a limited-edition collection and only available on the three days. After this, the two new badges can be earned online at

As part of the three-day experience, guests can also purchase tickets at to participate in activities inspired by the two famous personalities. These include using a hardness test kit and magnets to observe the physical properties of materials, and using a stereo zoom microscope to observe body parts of a butterfly.

The line-up of YSB activities is part of the year-long celebration that marks the Centre’s 45th anniversary of igniting curiosity and interest in STEM across Singapore.

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To find out more about the Science Centre Singapore and their latest activities, please visit


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